Lower (surname)



Lower is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: * Arthur R. M. Lower (1889–1988), Canadian historian * Britt Lower (born 1985), American actress * Cyrus B. Lower (1843–1924), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient * Geoffrey Lower (born 1963), American actor *
Oswald Bertram Lower Oswald Bertram Lower (1863 in Adelaide Adelaide ( ) is the list of Australian capital cities, capital city of South Australia, the state's largest city and the list of cities in Australia by population, fifth-most populous city in Australia ...
(1863–1925), Australian entomologist *
Richard Lower (physician) Richard Lower ( – 17 January 1691) was an English physician who heavily influenced the development of medical science. He is most remembered for his pioneering work on blood transfusion and the function of the cardiopulmonary, cardiopulmonary ...
(1631–1691), Cornish inventor of blood transfusion * Robert A. Lower (1844–1918), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient *
William Lower (astronomer) Sir William Lower (1570 – 12 April 1615) was an English astronomer from the early telescopic period, and a Member of Parliament. He was born in Cornwall, and after studying at Exeter College, Oxford Exeter College (in full: The Rector and Sch ...
(1570–1615), English astronomer * William Lower (dramatist) (), English dramatist and translator {{surname, Lower