Louis is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: *
Antoine Louis Antoine Louis (; 13 February 1723, Metz – 20 May 1792) was an 18th-century French surgeon and physiologist. He was originally trained in medicine by his father, a surgeon-major at a local military hospital. As a young man he moved to Paris ...
(1723–1792), French surgeon and physiologist * Arthur Louis (1945–2014), British musician *Errol Louis (born 1962), American journalist and television show host *Chris Louis (born 1969), English speedway rider *Christos Louis (born 1948), Greek molecular geneticist *Gaspard Louis, Haitian dancer and choreographer *Godfrey Louis, solid-state physicist *Jean Louis (1907–1997), French-born costume designer *Jefferson Louis (born 1979), English footballer *Joe Louis (1914–1981), professional name of American boxer and heavyweight champion Joseph Louis Barrow *Julia Louis-Dreyfus (born 1961), American actress, comedian, and producer *Lance Louis (born 1985), American football player *Laura Glen Louis, American author & poet, *Laurent Louis (born 1980), Belgian politician *Léopold Louis-Dreyfus (1833–1915), French businessman, founder of the Louis Dreyfus Group, and patriarch of the Louis-Dreyfus family *Lil Louis, stage name of American house-music producer and DJ Louis Sims *Michèle Pierre-Louis (born 1947), Haitian politician *Morris Louis (1912–1962), American painter *Murray Louis (born 1926), American modern dancer and choreographer *Olin Pierre Louis, Haitian priest *Pierre Charles Alexandre Louis (1787–1872), French physician *Séraphine Louis (1864–1942), French painter *Spyridon Louis (1873–1940), Greek runner *Thomas Louis (1758–1807), British naval officer *Tim Louis (British Columbia politician), Tim Louis (born 1958), Canadian lawyer and municipal politician *Tim Louis (Ontario politician), Tim Louis, Canadian Member of Parliament *Tristan Louis (born 1971), French-American author *Wm. Roger Louis (born 1936), American historian

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*Pierre Louÿs (1870–1925), French writer *Lewis (surname) {{surname, Louis