Local government areas of Victoria (Australia)


This is a list of local government in Australia, local government areas (LGAs) in Victoria (Australia), Victoria, sorted by region. Also referred to as municipalities, the 79 Victorian LGAs are classified as cities (34), shires (38), rural cities (6) and boroughs (1). In general, an urban or suburban LGA is called a city and is governed by a City Council, while a rural LGA covering a larger rural area is usually called a shire and is governed by a Shire Council. Local councils have the same administrative functions and similar political structures, regardless of their classification. The sorting of LGAs into regions is for presentation purposes only, and has no legal or administrative significance.

Greater Melbourne

Regional Victoria

Barwon South West

Grampians (region), Grampians


Hume (region), Hume

Loddon Mallee (Victoria), Mallee

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