Loaded may refer to: In music: * ''Loaded'' (The Velvet Underground album) * ''Loaded'' (Brotha Lynch Hung album) * ''Loaded'' (Busy Signal album) * "Loaded" (Primal Scream song) * "Loaded" (Deacon Blue song) * "Loaded" (Ricky Martin song) * "Loaded" (Wishbone Ash song) * "Loaded", a song by Bernie Miller * Loaded Records, a record label * Loaded (band), an American hard rock band formed by Guns N' Roses ex-bassist Duff McKagan Books * Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment, a non-fiction study of the Second Amendment by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz * Loaded (novel), the 1995 novel by Christos Tsiolkas Other uses: * ''Loaded'' (magazine), a British men's magazine * ''Loaded'' (video game), a shooting game * ''Loaded'' (Fuse TV series), a music-video program * ''Loaded'', a 1994 film starring Catherine McCormack * ''Loaded'' (2008 film), directed by Alan Pao * ''Loaded'' (TV series), a British remake of the Israeli show ''Mesudarim''

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* Loaded dice made for cheating * Loaded language, as in a "loaded question" * Loaded baked potato, containing many ingredients * Loader (disambiguation) * Load (disambiguation) * Loading (disambiguation) {{disambig