This is a list of railway lines on the Finnish rail network, including lists of stations on the most important lines. The lines and the stations are owned by the Finnish Transport Agency. VR Group has a monopoly on passenger transport. As of 2011, it is the only operator of freight trains as well even though freight transport is open for private companies.

Passenger lines

Line 1: Helsinki–Turku (Rantarata/Kustbanan)

Karis railway station, operational since 1873
Image Station name Opened km
Visit-suomi-2009-05-by-RalfR-252.jpg Helsinki Central 1860 0+159
Pasila railway station from YLE tower.jpg Pasila 1862 3+230
Espoon juna-asema2.jpg Leppävaara 1903 20+600
Kirkkonummen asema.jpg Kirkkonummi 1903 37+503
Karjaan rautatieasema.jpg Karis 1873 157+817
Salorailwaystation1.jpg Salo 1898 143+981
Turku kupittaa 001.JPG Kupittaa 1914 196+372
Turun rautatieasema.jpg Turku Central 1876 199+674
Åbo hamns järnvägsstation 2008.jpg Turku Harbour 1876 202+510

Line 4: Helsinki–Pori

Line 5: Helsinki–Vaasa

Line 7: Helsinki–Kemijärvi

Line 9: Turku–Pieksämäki

Line 10: Helsinki–Iisalmi

Line 13: Helsinki–Kajaani

Line 14: Helsinki–Joensuu

Line 15: Kouvola–Kotka

Line 16: Savonlinna–Parikkala

International line A: Helsinki–Moscow

Other lines

See also: Lapponia, passenger train

Future lines



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