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Lila Kedrova
Lila Kedrova
(9 October c. 1918 – 16 February 2000) was a Russian-born French actress. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Zorba the Greek
Zorba the Greek
(1964), and the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical for the same role in the musical version of the film.[1]


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Life and career[edit] Kedrova claimed to have been born in 1918, in Petrograd, Russia, although the year is impossible to ascertain. Her parents were Russian opera singers. Her father, Nikolay, was a singer and composer, a creator of the first Russian male quartet to perform liturgical chants. Her mother, Sofia Gladkaya (ru: Софья Николаевна Гладкая) (1875–1965), was a singer at the Mariinsky Theatre
Mariinsky Theatre
and a teacher of Conservatoire de Paris. Kedrova's brother, Nikolay (1905–1981) was a Russian singer and composer of liturgical music. Some time after the October Revolution, in 1922, the family emigrated to Berlin. In 1928 they moved to France, where Kedrova's mother taught at the Conservatoire de Paris, and her father again recreated the quartet "Quatuor Kedroff". In 1932, Kedrova joined the Moscow Art Theatre touring company. Then her film career began, mostly in French films, until her first English appearance in 1964 as Mme Hortense in Zorba the Greek. Her performance won her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Kedrova appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's 1966 film, Torn Curtain
Torn Curtain
playing the role of Countess Kuchinska. Kedrova played Fraulein Schneider in the West End stage production of Cabaret in 1968 alongside Judi Dench
Judi Dench
and Peter Sallis. She then went on to play a series of eccentric or batty ladies in several Hollywood films. In 1983, she reprised her role as Mme Hortense on Broadway in the musical version of Zorba the Greek, winning both a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical and a Drama Desk Award in the process. In 1989 she played Madame Armfeldt in the London
revival of A Little Night Music.[citation needed] Death[edit] In 2000, Kedrova died at her summer home in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, of pneumonia, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.[1][2] Filmography[edit]

List of acting performances in film and television

Title Year Role Notes

Ultimatum 1938 Irina as Lila K・drova

No Way Back 1953 Ljuba

D・froqu・, LeLe D・froqu・ 1954


Flesh and the Woman 1954 Rose French: Le Grand jeu

Impures, LesLes Impures 1955 Mme. Denis, la concierge

Chiffonniers d'Emma・s, LesLes Chiffonniers d'Emma・s 1955 Le femme de Bastien Uncredited

Razzia sur la chnouf 1955 L・a

Futures vedettes 1955 Mme. Dimater, Sophie's mother

gens sans importance, DesDes gens sans importance 1956 Mme. Vacopoulos

Calle Mayor 1956 Pepita

Jusqu'au dernier 1957 Marcella Bastia

Ce joli monde 1957 L・a

The Lovers of Montparnasse 1958 Mme. Sborowsky

La Femme et le Pantin 1959 Manuela

Jons und Erdme 1959

Mon pote le gitan 1959 La Choute

Kriss Romani 1963 Kirvi

Mort d'un tueur, LaLa Mort d'un tueur 1964 La m・re de Massa

Zorba the Greek 1964 Madame Hortense Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress Nominated ・ BAFTA Award
for Best Foreign Actress Nominated ・ Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress ・ Motion Picture Nominated ・ Laurel Award for Female Supporting Performance

High Wind in Jamaica, AA High Wind in Jamaica 1965 Rosa, Tampico Bar Owner

Torn Curtain 1966 Countess Kuchinska

Penelope 1966 Sadaba

Maigret ・ Pigalle 1967 Rose Alfonsi

Canard en fer-blanc, LeLe Canard en fer-blanc 1967 Rosa

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No 1968 Yolanda's mother

Kremlin Letter, TheThe Kremlin Letter 1970 Madam Sophie

Time for Loving, AA Time for Loving 1972 Madame Olga Dubillard

Rak 1972 m・re de David, LaLa m・re de David

Escape to the Sun 1972 Sarah Kaplan

Soft Beds, Hard Battles 1974 Madame Grenier

Alla mia cara mamma nel giorno del suo compleanno 1974 Countess Mafalda

Footprints on the Moon 1975 Mrs. Heim, Old woman on the beach French: Le Orme

The Cursed Medallion 1975 Contessa Cappelli

Eliza's Horoscope 1975 Lila

Tenant, TheThe Tenant 1976 Madame Gaderian French: Le Locataire

Moi, fleur bleue 1977 Countess de Tocqueville

Nido de Viudas 1977 Mother US: Widow's Nest

Paradis des riches, LeLe Paradis des riches 1978 Camille Chevallier

Cavaleur, LeLe Cavaleur 1979 Olga

・gouts du paradis, LesLes ・gouts du paradis 1979 Charlotte

Womanlight 1979 Sonia Tovalski

Les Parents terribles 1980 Yvonne

Tell Me a Riddle 1980 Eva Golden Mask Award

Il Turno 1981 Maria

Blood Tide 1982 Sister Anna

Testament 1983


Sword of the Valiant 1984 Lady of Lyonesse

Some Girls 1988 Granny

A Star for Two 1991 Simone

Next Time the Fire 1993 Mother (final film role)


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(2016) Jenn Colella
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