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colonel is a rank of commissioned officer in the armies, most marine forces and some air forces of the world, above a major and below a colonel. The rank of lieutenant colonel is often shortened to simply "colonel" in conversation and in unofficial correspondence. Sometimes, the term, 'half-colonel' is used in casual conversation in the British Army.[1] A lieutenant colonel is typically in charge of a battalion in the army.


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colonel ranks by country[edit] The following articles deal with the rank of lieutenant colonel (or its equivalent)

Lieutenant-colonel (Canada) Lieutenant
colonel (United Kingdom)[2] Lieutenant
colonel (United States)

colonel equivalents[edit]

Azerbaijan - Polkovnik leytenant Afghanistan — Dagarman (دګرمن) Arab world
Arab world
— Moqaddam (مقدم) Albania — Nënkolonel Armenia — Pokhgndapet (փոխգնդապետ) Austria — Oberstleutnant Belgium — Lieutenant-colonel (French language), Luitenant-kolonel (Dutch language) Bosnia and Herzegovina — Potpukovnik Brazil — Tenente-coronel Chile — Teniente Coronel Bulgaria — Podpolkovnik Cambodia — Lok Vorsenito (លោកវរសេនីយ៍ទោ) Colombia — Teniente Coronel Croatia - Podpukovnik Czech Republic — Podplukovník People's Republic of China — 中校 (Zhōng xiào) Republic of China (Taiwan) — 中校 (Zhōng xiào) Denmark — Oberstløjtnant Estonia — Kolonelleitnant Ethiopia — Lieutenant
koronel Finland — Everstiluutnantti, Överstelöjtnant France — Lieutenant-colonel Germany — Oberstleutnant

Nazi Germany — Obersturmbannführer
(only in the SS)

Georgia — Vice-colonel (vitse-polkovniki) Greece — Antisyntagmatarkhis Honduras — Teniente Coronel Hungary — Alezredes Indonesia — Letnan kolonel (abbreviated Letkol)[a] Iran — Sarhang dovom (سرهنگ دوم) Israel — Sgan aluf (סגן-אלוף / סא״ל) Italy — Tenente colonnello Japan — Ni sa (二佐) North Korea — Jungjwa (중좌) South Korea — Jungryung (중령) Latvia — Pulkvežleitnants Lithuania — Pulkininkas leitenantas Macedonia - Потполковник (Potpolkovnik) Malaysia - Leftenan-Kolonel Malta — Logotenent kurunell Mongolia — Дэд Хурандаа (Ded Khurandaa) Netherlands — Luitenant-kolonel Norway — Oberstløytnant Philippines — Kalakan (Tagalog), Teniente Coronel (Spanish) Poland — Podpułkownik Portugal — Tenente-coronel Romania — Locotenent colonel Russia — Podpolkovnik Serbia — Potpukovnik Slovakia — Podplukovník Slovenia — Podpolkovnik Somalia — Gaashaanle Dhexe South Africa — Commandant/kommandant (1950–1994); Lieutenant-colonel or Luitenant-kolonel ( Afrikaans
language: pre-1950 and post-1994) Spain and some Spanish speaking countries
Spanish speaking countries
— Teniente coronel Sweden — Överstelöjtnant Switzerland — Oberstleutnant (German language), Lieutenant-colonel (French language) Thailand — พันโท Turkey — Yarbay Ukraine — Pidpolkovnyk Vietnam — Trung Tá

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^ All Indonesian military services share the same rank name and insignia – i.e. two gold jasmine buds. A lieutenant colonel in the Army
usually has a billet as battalion commander, regiment / brigade chief of staff, headquarters staff, department head, or commander of any unit that has the same level as battalion. In the Navy, the common billet is ship's commanding officer, squadron commander, shore department head or staff position. In the Air Force, it has the billet of squadron commander of battalion commander of Air Force Special Force's Corps. In the Marine Corps, usual billet is infantry battalion commander or infantry brigade's chief of staff, although it can command an artillery or cavalry regiment.


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Officer's Guide, 50th Edition, p. 14. Mechanicsville, Pa.: Stackpole Books, 2005. ^ British Army
website Archived September 15, 2008, at the Wayback Machine.

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