Lewis (musician)


Randall A. Wulff, better known by his stage name Lewis, and also known as Lewis Baloue and Randy Duke, is a Canadian singer and musician. He released a number of albums in the 1980s, but did not become widely known until they were re-released in 2014.

Early and personal life

Lewis' family live in
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British Columbia
but he is estranged from them; in August 2014 his brother stated that he had not seen Lewis since 2007. His father and uncle had lost touch with him some years previously. During the recording process of his 1980s albums Lewis worked as a
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, and lived in
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. He lived with his girlfriend in an apartment with all-white furniture.


Lewis recorded two albums in 1983 and 1985 (''L'Amour'' and ''Romantic Times'') that were mostly forgotten until a record collector discovered ''L'Amour'' in an
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flea market. They were both re-released by Seattle-based record label Light in the Attic in 2014. ''L'Amour'' was recorded in
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Los Angeles
in 1983. Lewis disappeared soon after the photoshoot by
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for the album cover, after his cheque to Colver bounced. ''Romantic Times'' was originally released in 1985 under the 'Lewis Baloue' pseudonym. An original copy of the album sold on
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in 2014 for $2,000. Two further albums - ''Love Ain't No Mystery'' (recorded under the 'Randy Duke' pseudonym) and ''Hawaiian Breeze'' were also released by different record labels in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Under a different pseudonym, Lewis is also believed to have recorded a number of "very soft, religious music" albums in
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in the mid-2000s which were never released. In 2014 Lewis stated that he was continuing to perform music, but that he was not interested in his earlier releases.



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