Lewis (given name)


Lewis () is a masculine English-language given name. It was coined as an
anglicisation Linguistic anglicisation (or anglicization, occasionally anglification, anglifying, or Englishing) is the practice of modifying foreign words, names, and phrases to make them easier to spell, pronounce, or understand in English English usually ...
of given names in other languages. "Lewis" has been used to anglicise the
Irish Irish most commonly refers to: * Someone or something of, from, or related to: ** Ireland, an island situated off the north-western coast of continental Europe ** Northern Ireland, a constituent unit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North ...
name "
Lugaid Lugaid (Lughaid, Lughaidh, Lughaí) is a popular medieval Irish name, thought to be derived from the god Lugh, Lug. It is borne by a number of figures from Irish history and mythology, including: High Kings of Ireland * Lugaid Íardonn, legendar ...
", the German name "Ludwig (given name), Ludwig", and the French name "Louis (given name), Louis" (the last two originally deriving from the Old Frankish name ''Clovis (given name), Chlodowig''). It may also be a borrowing from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, whose name derives from the Scottish Gaelic ''Leòdhas''.

Variant forms

* af, Louis * ar, لويس and لؤي * sq, Luigj, Ludovik * Ancient Germanic: ''Chlodovech, Clodovicus, Ludovicus, Clovis, Hludowig'' * hy, Լուդովիկ (''Loudovik'') * eu, Aloxi, Koldobika, Luki, ''Koldo'' * br, Loeiz, ''Loïc'' * bn, লুইস, লুডউইগ, translit=Luis/Luish, Luduig * bg, Людовик (''Lyudovik'') * ca, Lluís * Mandarin Chinese, Chinese (traditional Chinese characters, traditional and simplified Chinese characters, simplified): (''Lùyì'') * hr, Alojzije, Ljudevit (name), Ljudevit, Ludovik, Luj, ''Alojz'' * cz, Ludvík, ''Alois, Luděk'' * da, Ludvig, Lodvig * mk, Лудвиг (''Ludvig''), Луј (''Luj''), Људевит (''Ljudevit (name), Ljudevit'') * nl, Lodewijk, Lode, Lodevicus, Loe, Louis, Lowie, Lowieke, Ludo, Ludovicus * en, Louis, Louie (given name), Louie, Lou (disambiguation), Lou, Lewis, Lewes, Lewie, Lew, Lewy or Luey; Ludovic, Lodvig, Lodovig * eo, Ludoviko, ''Luĉjo'' * french: Louis, Ludovic, Clovis (given name), Clovis * gl, Luis, Lois, Luis, Luís * ka, ხლოდვიგი (''Khlodvigi''), ლუდვიგი (''ludvigi''), ლუდოვიკო(''ludoviko''), ლუი (''lui'') * german: Ludwig (given name), Ludwig, Alois, ''Aloysius, Lutz'' * gr, Λουδοβίκος (''Loudovíkos'') * haw, Lui * Hindi language, Hindi: लुइस (''Lu'is'') * hu, Lajos, ''Alajos'' * ga, Alaois, Alabhaois, Laoiseach, Lughaidh * id, Aloysius, Louis, Ludowikus * is, Loðvík * it, Aloigi, Aloisi, Aloisio, Luigi (name), Luigi, Lodovico, Ludovico, ''Alvise, Gigi, Gigio, Gigino, Ginetto, Gino, Luigino, Vico'' * Japanese language, Japanese: ルイ(''Rui'') * Korean language, Korean: 루이 (''Lui''), 루이스 (''Luiseu'') * la, Ludovicus, Aloysius * lv, Ludviķis, ''Ludis, Ludvigs, Luijs, Luiss, Luī, Aloizs, Aloiss'' * lt, Liudvikas (disambiguation), Liudvikas, ''Aloyzas, Liudas'' * Medieval Occitan: ''Aloys, Aloysius'' * no, Ludvig, ''Lodve'' * Occitan: ''Loís'' * Persian language, Persian: لوئیس * pl, Ludwik, ''Alojzy'' * pt, Luis, Luís, Aloísio, Aluísio, Ludovico (''Luiz'' is an archaic form), ''Luisinho'' * Provençal dialect, Provençal: Louïs, Louei, Louvis * Punjabi language, Punjabi: ਲੂਯਿਸ (''Lūyis'') * ro, Aloisiu, Ludovic * russian: Людовик (''Lyudovik'') * Scottish Gaelic: Luthais * Sicilian language, Sicilian: Luiggi, Ludovicu * sr, Луј (''Luj''), Људевит (''Ljudevit'') * sk, Ľudovít,'' Alojz'' * sl, Alojz, Lojze, Ljudevit (name), Ljudevit, Luj, ''Alojzij, Ludvik'' * es, Luis, ''Ludovico'' * sv, Ludvig, Love,'' Ludde'' * Tamil language, Tamil: லூயிஸ் (''Lūyis'') * Telugu language, Telugu: లూయిస్ (''Lūyis'') * Thai language, Thai: หลุยส์ (''H̄luys̄̒'') * uk, Людовик (''Lyudovyk'') * Welsh: ''Lewis'', ''Lewys''

List of people with the given name Lewis


* Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, Lewis Hugh Clifford, 9th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, British peer * Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, Lewis Joseph Hugh Clifford, 12th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, British peer * Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, Lewis Hugh Clifford, 13th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, British peer * Lewis Grant-Ogilvy, 5th Earl of Seafield, Scottish peer and Member of Parliament * Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquess of Huntly (c. 1626–1653), Scottish nobleman * Lewis Mordaunt, 3rd Baron Mordaunt, British politician and peer * Lewis Robessart, British baron * Lewis Watson, 1st Baron Sondes, British politician and peer * Lewis Watson, 2nd Baron Sondes, British politician and peer * Lewis Watson, 3rd Baron Sondes, British peer


* Lewis V. Bogy (1813–1877), American politician and senator from Missouri * Burwell family of Virginia, Lewis Burwell, several men by the name from the Burwell family of Virginia * Lewis Cass, American politician and senator from Michigan * Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, American politician and lieutenant governor of New York * Lewis Preston Collins II (1896–1952), lieutenant governor of Virginia * Lewis Weston Dillwyn, British porcelain manufacturer, naturalist and Member of Parliament (MP) * Lewis E. Eliason, American politician and Lieutenant Governor of Delaware * Lewis Wormser Harris (1812–1876), bill-broker, financier and the first Jew elected Lord Mayor of Dublin * Lewis Jones (politician) (1884–1968), British politician, MP for Swansea West, 1931–1945 * G. Lewis Jones (1907–1971), Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, 1959–1961 * Lewis F. Linn, American politician and senator from Missouri * Lewis Morris, signer of the American Declaration of Independence * Lewis Morris (governor), American colonial leader in New York and New Jersey * Lewis Morris (speaker), American judge, politician and landowner * Lewis R. Morris, U.S. Representative from Vermont * Sir Lewis Morris (1833–1907), Welsh poet, academic and politician * Lewis E. Parsons, American politician and governor of Alabama * Lewis E. Reed, American politician * Lewis B. Schwellenbach, American politician and senator

Arts and entertainment

* Lewis Grandison Alexander (1898-1945), American poet, actor, and playwright with ties to the Harlem Renaissance * Lewis Black (born 1948), American comedian and actor * Lewis Brindley, British comedian and YouTuber * Lewis Capaldi (born 1996), Scottish singer-songwriter * Lewis Carroll (1832–1898), pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the author of ''Alice in Wonderland'' * Lewis Casson (1875–1969), English actor and theatre director * Lewis Collins (1946–2013), English film and theatre actor * Lewis D. Collins (1899–1954), American film director * Lewis Hartsough (1828–1919), American Methodist evangelist and gospel songwriter/composer * Lewis Hobba (born 1985), Australian radio presenter, television presenter and comedian * Lewis Jones (writer), Lewis Jones (1897–1939), Welsh writer and political activist * Lewis Lovhaug, comic reviewer also known as Linkara * Lewis Morris (1701–1765), Welsh hydrographer, antiquary, poet and lexicographer * Lewis Nash (born 1958), American jazz drummer * Lewis H. Nash (1852–1923), an American engineer and inventor of the liquid-ring-vacuum pump * Lou Reed, Lewis "Lou" Reed (1942–2013), American rock musician and member of the Velvet Underground * Lewis E. Reed (born 1962), American politician * Lewis Shiner (born 1950), American author * Lewis Waller (1860–1915), English actor and theatre manager * Lewis Watson (musician), Lewis Watson (born 1992), British singer-songwriter * Lewis Strange Wingfield (1842–1891), Irish traveller, actor, writer, and painter * Lewys Glyn Cothi / Lewis Glyn Cothi (c. 1420–1490), 15th century Welsh poet


* Lewis Bradley (rugby) (1889–1918), English rugby union and rugby league footballer who played in the 1900s and 1910s * Lewis Brown (rugby league), New Zealand rugby league player * Lewis Burton, British tennis player and model * Lewis Collins (footballer), Welsh footballer * Lewis Dark, footballer * Lewis Hamilton, Formula One racing driver * Lewis Hamilton (footballer), footballer * Lewis Harris (rugby league), English rugby league player * Lewis Holtby, German footballer * Lewis Jones (Australian footballer) (1883–1960), Australian rules footballer * Lewis Jones (footballer, born 1994), British footballer * Lewis Jones (rugby) (born 1931), Welsh rugby union, and rugby league footballer of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s * Lewis Jones (rugby player born 1992), Welsh rugby union scrum-half * Lewis Jones (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 2010s * Lewis Moody, English Rugby Union player * Lewis Pugh, British-South African extreme swimmer, international environmental activist * Lewis Smith (footballer), Scottish footballer * Lewis Williamson, racing driver * Lewis Young, footballer


* Lewis Bagot, English Bishop of Bristol, Norwich * Lewis Jones (bishop) (1542–1646), Bishop of Killaloe * Lewis Bevel Jones III (1926–2018), bishop of the United Methodist Church * Lewis B. Paton (1864-1932), American biblical scholar


* Lewis Roberts Binford, American archaeologist * Lewis Boss, American astronomer * Lewis J. Feldman, American professor * Lewis Hine, American sociologist and photographer * Lewis Ralph Jones (1864–1945), American botanist and agricultural biologist * Lewis Wade Jones (1910–1979), sociologist and educator * Lewis Webster Jones (1899–1975), American economist * Lewis A. Swift, American astronomer


* Lewis Ginter, American businessman and philanthropist * Lewis Harris (philanthropist) (1900–1983), New Zealand farmer, stock dealer and philanthropist * Lewis Gouverneur Morris, banker and social figure in New York and Newport society


* Lewis Addison Armistead, American general in the American Civil War * Lewis H. Brereton, military aviation pioneer and lieutenant general in the United States Air Force * Lewis Collins (RAF officer) (1894–1971), British First World War flying ace * Lewis Jones (Royal Navy officer) (1797–1895) * Lewis Nicola, American military officer notable for authoring the Newburgh letter * Lewis Sayre Van Duzer, US Navy officer


* Lewis Archer Boswell, American aviator * Lewis de Claremont, pseudonym of an American author on occultism who flourished during the 1930s * Lewis Jones (Patagonia) (1836–1904), one of the founders of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia who gave his name to the town of Trelew * Lewis G. Morris, maritime advocate, sheep and cattle breeder * Lewis Yancey, American aviator


* Lewis (musician), Canadian musician

Fictional characters

* Lewis (The Simpsons), Lewis (''The Simpsons''), a fictional character in ''The Simpsons'' * Lewis Bodine, a character in the 1997 film ''Titanic (1997 film), Titanic'' * Lewis Romero, a character in the 2006 film ''Final Destination 3'' * Lewis Skolnik, a character in the ''Revenge of the Nerds (film series)#Cast, Revenge of the Nerds'' movie series *Lewis "Cornelius" Robinson, a character in the 2007 film ''Meet the Robinsons'' * Lewis Zimmerman, ''Star Trek'' character *Lewis (''Holes''), A fictional character in Holes (novel), ''Holes'' by Louis Sachar

See also

* Aloysius * Clovis (given name) * Lewis (disambiguation) * Louis (given name) * Lugh * Louise (given name) * Ludwig (given name) * Luigi (name) * Luis


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