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Leonor or Léonor is a short form of the given name Eleanor. People bearing the name include:

Alexandre Marie Léonor de Saint-Mauris de Montbarrey
Alexandre Marie Léonor de Saint-Mauris de Montbarrey
(1732–1796), French politician Alice Leonor das Neves Costa, the Presidente of a court in Macau JB Leonor, (Domingo Leonor III), the drummer for the Filipino rock band The Dawn Leonor Beleza
Leonor Beleza
(born 1948), Portuguese politician, member of the Social Democratic Party Leonor de Cisneros (d. 1568), Spanish Protestant martyr. Léonor d'Orléans, duc de Longueville Leonor F. Loree
Leonor F. Loree
(1858–1940), executive of railroads in the United States Leonor Fini
Leonor Fini
(1907–1996), Argentine surrealist painter Leonor Gonzalez Mina (born 1934), prominent vocalist in the cumbia genre of Colombian music Leonor López de Córdoba (1362–1420), advisor and confidant of Queen Catalina of Lancaster Leonor Maia (born 1921), Portuguese film actress active in the 1940s, best remembered for her role in The Tyrant Father Leonor Michaelis
Leonor Michaelis
(1875–1949), German-born American biochemist and physician Leonor Orosa-Goquinco
Leonor Orosa-Goquinco
(1917–2005), Filipino national artist in creative dance Leonor Oyarzún
Leonor Oyarzún
(born 1922), First Lady of Chile, wife of former President Patricio Aylwin Leonor Piuza (born 1978), Mozambican runner, who specialized in the 800 metres Leonor Poeiras (born 1980), Portuguese television presenter Leonor Rivera
Leonor Rivera
(born 1893), the childhood sweetheart of Philippine national hero José Rizal Leonor Rosser, widely-watched television origami artist based in Florida, United States Leonor Sullivan
Leonor Sullivan
(1902–1988), member of the United States House of Representatives from Missouri Leonor Telles de Menezes
Leonor Telles de Menezes
(1350–1386), queen consort of Portugal, and regent in 1383–1385 Leonor Varela
Leonor Varela
(born 1972), Chilean actress, and model Leonor Watling
Leonor Watling
Elizabeth Ceballos Watling (born 1975), award-winning Spanish film actress Leonor, Princess of Asturias
Leonor, Princess of Asturias
(born 2005), Spanish Princess. Also, Princess of Girona, Princess of Viana, Duchess of Montblanc, Countess of Cervera and Lady of Balaguer. Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland
Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland
(born 2014), Swedish princess

It may also refer to:

Mistress of the Devil, a 1975 French-Italian-Spanish horror film originally released as Léonor

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Leonor Ordóñez District, one of thirty-four districts of the province Jauja in Peru Santa Leonor District, one of twelve districts of the province Huaura in Peru

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