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Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day is an annual American observance which occurs on October 9.[1] It honors Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
(Old Norse: Leifr Eiríksson, Icelandic: Leifur Eiríksson, Norwegian: Leiv Eiriksson), the Norse explorer who led the first Europeans thought to have set foot in continental North America[2][3][4] ( Greenland


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History[edit] The book America Not Discovered by Columbus by Rasmus B. Anderson
Rasmus B. Anderson
was published in 1874, helping popularize the idea that Vikings
were the first Europeans in the New World, an idea that was all but verified in 1960.[5] During his appearance at the Norse-American Centennial
Norse-American Centennial
in 1925, President Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge
gave recognition to Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
as the discoverer of America due to research by Norwegian-American scholars such as Knut Gjerset and Ludvig Hektoen.[6] In 1929, Wisconsin
became the first U.S. state
U.S. state
to officially adopt Leif Erikson Day as a state holiday,[7][8] thanks in large part to efforts by Rasmus Anderson.[9] In 1931, Minnesota
did also.[10] By 1956, Leif Erikson Day had been made an official observance in seven states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California) and one Canadian province (Saskatchewan).[11] In 2012, the day was also made official in Las Vegas, Nevada.[12] In 1963, the U.S. Representative
U.S. Representative
from Duluth, John Blatnik, introduced a bill to observe Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day nationwide. The following year Congress adopted this unanimously. In 1964, the United States
United States
Congress authorized and requested the President to create the observance through an annual proclamation. Lyndon B. Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson
did so, as has each President since. Presidents have used the proclamation to praise the contributions of Americans of Nordic descent generally and the spirit of discovery. In addition to the federal observance, some states officially commemorate Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day, particularly in the Upper Midwest, where large numbers of people from the Nordic countries settled. Date[edit] October 9 is not associated with any particular event in Leif Erikson's life. The date was chosen because the ship Restauration coming from Stavanger, Norway, arrived in New York Harbor
New York Harbor
on October 9, 1825, at the start of the first organized immigration from Norway to the United States.[13][14] References[edit]

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Leif Erikson
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Columbus Day
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Leif Erikson
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Schools Will Observe Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day Next Wednesday". The Capital Times. October 6, 1929. p. 9. Retrieved October 9, 2016 – via Newspapers.com.  ^ " Minnesota
Ready to Adopt Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day, Says Hoen". The Capital Times. December 28, 1930. p. 18. Retrieved October 9, 2016 – via Newspapers.com.  ^ Hansen, Carl G.O. " Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Comes to the Front". My Minneapolis. Nasjonalbiblioteket
(The National Library of Norway). The Norwegian National League in Minneapolis took the initiative in getting the Minnesota
legislature to adopt a law of the same import and contents as the Wisconsin
law making October 9 Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day. Such a bill was signed by Governor Floyd B. Olson, April 7, 1931  ^ Hansen, Carl Gustav Otto (1956). " Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Comes to the Front". My Minneapolis. Minneapolis.  ^ Radke, Jace (October 2, 2012). "City Council To Recognize Leif Erikson Day" (Press release). City of Las Vegas. Archived from the original on October 19, 2013. Retrieved October 9, 2013.  ^ " Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day in United States". TimeandDate.com.  ^ " Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
in Humboldt Park". Norwegian National League. Archived from the original on October 19, 2009. 

Further reading[edit]

Anderson, Rasmus Bjorn (1874). America Not Discovered by Columbus: an historical sketch of the discovery of America by the Norsemen
in the Tenth Century. Chicago: S.C. Griggs. 

External links[edit]

" Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson
Day (U.S. Holiday)". Sol-Land Lodge. Kennewick, Washington. 2014. Archived from the original on October 14, 2014.  Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc. Brief History of Leif Erikson's Life & Voyages Selected proclamations

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