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Lech (name) Lech () is a Polish masculine given name. Lech was the name of the legendary founder of Poland. Lech also appears as a surname, with 14,289 people having the name in Poland.Lech, the legendary founder of Poland *
Lech (Bohemian prince)Lech (; died 805) was a Bohemian tribal ruler, one of the earliest named rulers in early Slavic Bohemia. The first reference to him is in the 805 entry of Annales Regni Francorum when Charles, son of Charlemagne, was sent to Bohemia to pacify the Sl ...

Products and organizations

Lech (beer) Lech Browary Wielkopolski (; English: Lech Breweries of Greater Poland) is a big industrial brewery in Poznań, with a production capacity of 7.5 million hl. The plant is owned by Asahi Breweries subsidiary Kompania Piwowarska SA. __NOTOC__ Histo ...
, Polish beer produced by Kompania Piwowarska, in Poznań *
Lech Poznań Lech Poznań () is a Polish professional football club based in Poznań and currently competing in the Ekstraklasa, the nation's highest division. The club is named after Lech, the legendary founder of the Polish nation. The club was establish ...
, football club in Poznań *
Lech II Poznań Lech may refer to: People * Lech (name), a Slavic name, especially Polish * Lech, the legendary founder of Poland * Lech (Bohemian prince) Products and organizations * Lech (beer), Polish beer produced by Kompania Piwowarska, in Poznań * Lech P ...
, the reserve team of Lech Poznań *
Lech Rypin Lech Rypin is a Polish football club from Rypin. They are currently playing in IV liga (V level). They played in III liga in the seasons 1976/1977, 1978/1979 and 1997/1998 to. External links Lech Rypin official website(Polish) Lech Rypinat the ...
, football club in Rypin *
Lech (airship)300px, Lech over Warsaw in 1926 Lech was the first Polish airship. It was purchased from France's army surplus in 1920. The airship's type was ''Zodiac VZ-11'', ''Vedette'' class and the French Navy had used it for patrolling and escorting purposes i ...
, the first Polish zeppelin *
Lech (motorcycle) Lech is a defunct brand of motorcycles that were manufactured in Opalenica, Poland from 1929 - 1932. It is claimed to be the first Polish manufacturer of mass-produced motorcycles. History On 1 January 1929, industrialist Wacław Sawicki formed th ...
, defunct Polish motorcycle manufacturer


* Lech (river) in Austria and Germany * Lech am Arlberg, a village and noble ski resort in Vorarlberg, Austria * Lechia, an ancient name of Poland

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* "Lech", a song by Slipknot from ''.5: The Gray Chapter'' * A lecher, or inappropriately lustful person * Lech Coaster, a roller coaster in Poland

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