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The Ōtō Line (鴨東線, Ōtō-sen) is a railway line in Kyoto
that was opened on October 5, 1989 by the Keihan Electric Railway. The Ōtō Line re-established a rail connection between the Keihan Main Line and the Eizan Electric Railway, which had been severed when the Kyoto
City streetcars ceased running in 1978. The line is operated as an extension of the Keihan Main Line. The double-track line is situated below Kawabata Street, along the left (eastern) bank of the Kamo River. Stations and connections[edit] There are three stations on the Ōtō Line:

Station km Connection Location

Sanjō 0.0 Keihan Main Line
Keihan Main Line
(through trains) Kyoto
Municipal Subway: Tōzai Line - Sanjo Keihan Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

Jingū-Marutamachi 1.0

Sakyō-ku, Kyoto

Demachiyanagi 2.3 Eizan Electric Railway: Eizan Main Line

See Keihan Main Line
Keihan Main Line
article for stopping patterns.

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