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Kazemi, Kazimi or Kazmi is a surname. People belonging to the Kazmi family can be found all over the world especially in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan
and India. The surname can be linked back to the family of Islamic Prophet Muhammad's great-grandson Imam Musa al-Kadhim. Kazmis belonged to the Sayyid
community post Islamic era and existed as a surname in the pre-Islamic era as well. Notable people with this surname[edit]

Ahmad Saeed Kazmi, Sufi scholar of international fame from Multan, Pakistan Arsalan Kazemi, Iranian basketball player Farhad Kazemi, Iranian football manager Ghulam Murtaza Shah Kazmi (G. M. Syed), Sindhi nationalist, leftist revolutionary and Sufi Hadi Kazemi, Iranian actor Hossein Kazemi (born 1979), Iranian footballer Iqbal Kazmi, human rights activist and journalist Sayed Mustafa Kazemi
Sayed Mustafa Kazemi
(1962–2007), Afghan politician Nasir Kazmi, Urdu poet from Pakistan Nikhat Kazmi, film critic from India Pratima Kazmi, Indian television actress Rahat Kazmi, Pakistani television actor, talk-show anchor and academic Sahel Kazemi
Sahel Kazemi
(died July 4, 2009) murderer of retired NFL football star Steve McNair Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi (Bari Imam), Sufi poet and philosopher Shah Seyyed Ali Kazemi (?–1984), Iranian tribal leader and public official Tahir Kazmi, Pakistani cricketer Zahra Kazemi
Zahra Kazemi
(1949–2003), Iranian-Canadian journalist Zhaleh Kazemi (1944–2005), Iranian painter and news anchor

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