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The Karelian Front was a Front (a formation of Army Group size) of the Soviet Union's Red Army
Red Army
during World War II, and operated in Karelia.


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Wartime[edit] The Karelian Front was created in August 1941 when Northern Front was split into Karelian Front and Leningrad Front
Leningrad Front
to take account of the different military developments and requirements on the Leningrad approaches versus those along the Finnish border to the Arctic. It remained in existence until the end of the war. The front covered the sector north of Lake Ladoga
Lake Ladoga
and the Svir River to the Arctic Coast near Murmansk. It was involved in combat with both Finnish and German forces along the Soviet-Finnish border. The front between Lake Ladoga
Lake Ladoga
and Lake Onega
Lake Onega
was split off to the independent 7th Army during the static phase of the war. During 1944, the Karelian Front participated with the Leningrad Front in the final offensive against Finland
which led to the Soviet-Finnish armistice. In October 1944 the Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
was conducted along the front, capturing some parts of northern Finland and liberating the easternmost parts of the Norwegian Finnmark province from German occupation. The Karelian Front in the Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
conducted the only[citation needed] successful major military operation ever undertaken in an Arctic environment in modern warfare. The experiences in the conduct of the operation, particularly in terms of organising rear-area services and supply, were considered important to the conduct of the Red Army’s offensive against the Japanese Kwantung Army in Manchuria, and many leading officers were transferred from Karelian Front to the Baikal theatre of war.[citation needed] Order of battle[edit] Order of battle
Order of battle
of the Karelian Front on 1 September 1944:[1]

7th Army

4th Rifle Corps (4 ск) (114th, 272nd Rifle Divisions) 99th Rifle Corps (18th, 65th, 310th Rifle Divisions) 30th, 32nd Ski Brigades 150th, 162nd Fortified Areas 149th, 633rd, 1942nd Corps Artillery Regiment 989th Howitzer Artillery Regiment

14th Army

126th Light Mountain Rifle Corps (72nd Naval Rifle Brigade, 31st Ski Brigade)) 10th Guards Rifle Division 14th Rifle Division (Soviet Union) 2nd Fortified Region

19th Army

21st Rifle Division 67th Rifle Division 104th Rifle Division 122nd Rifle Division 341st Rifle Division 38th Guards Tank Brigade 73rd Guards Separate Tank Regiment 88th Separate Tank Regiment

26th Army

31st Rifle Corps (83rd, 205th Rifle Divisions) 132nd Rifle Corps (54th, 367th Rifle Divisions) 45th Rifle Division

32nd Army

127th Light Mountain Rifle Corps (127 лгск) (27th Rifle Division) HQ 131st Rifle Corps 176th Rifle Division 289th Rifle Division 313th Rifle Division 368th Rifle Division 3rd Naval Infantry Brigade 69th, 70th Naval Rifle Brigades 33rd Ski Brigade 31st Separate Naval Infantry Battalion

7th Air Army

1st Guards Mixed Aviation Division 257th, 260th, 261st Mixed Aviation Divisions 324th Fighter Aviation Division 858th Fighter Aviation Regiment 204 крап, 121 оапс, 108, 119 раэ, 118 драэ

Major operations[edit]

Svir-Petrozavodsk Operation against Finland, July–August 1944 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
against the Wehrmacht, October 1944


Valerian Frolov (September 1941 – February 1944) Colonel General K. A. Meretskov (February 1944 – May 1945)


^ Combat composition of the Soviet Army, 1 September 1944


Meretskov 'Im Dienste des Volkes' Khudalov 'Am Rande des Kontinents' Combined Arms Research Library, The Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation
– Leavenworth Paper No. 17

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