The Info List - Juana Bormann

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JUANA BORMANN (or JOHANA BORMAN; 10 September 1893 – 13 December 1945) was an East Prussian -born prison guard at several Nazi concentration camps , from 1938 and was executed as a war criminal at Hamelin , Lower Saxony , after a court trial in 1945.


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At her trial, Bormann said she had joined the Auxiliary SS in 1938 "to earn more money". She first served at the Lichtenburg concentration camp in Saxony under SS Oberaufseherin Jane Bernigau with 49 other SS women.

In 1939, she was assigned to oversee a work crew at the new Ravensbrück women's camp near Berlin
. In March 1942, Bormann was one of a handful of women selected for guard duty at Auschwitz in Poland
. Short in stature, she was known for her cruelty. Victims called her "Wiesel" and "the woman with the dogs". In October 1942, Bormann went to Auschwitz-Birkenau as an Aufseherin . Her supervisors included Maria Mandel