Jonathan Ingram is a Kiribati-born British inventor, businessman and author. He is particularly associated with development of early building information modelling (BIM) applications, including Sonata (building design software), Sonata, Reflex (building design software), Reflex and ProReflex. He was awarded the British Computer Society Medal for Outstanding Innovation in 1990, and the Royal Academy of Engineering's Prince Philip Medal in 2016 for his work in BIM.


A civil engineer, Ingram has a PhD in computer science.

Building information modelling

Sometimes called the 'Father of BIM', Ingram developed Sonata (building design software), Sonata in 1985, the first system that brought the characteristics of modern BIM together in a single application, allowing users to create a single model of a building in a single file. The second generation software, Reflex (building design software), Reflex was released in 1992, while ProReflex was licensed to Autodesk Revit, Revit Systems in 1998. After he sold Reflex to PTC (software company), PTC in 1996, he became Chief Technology Officer at PTC, and taught Harvard University's first courses in object modelling. Ingram wrote the book, ''Understanding BIM: The past, present and future'', published by Routledge in 2020. In this book he describes the origins of BIM and its development leading to modern systems such as Autodesk Revit, Revit and Archicad. It shows his work and innovations in BIM in areas including architecture, civil engineering, civil and structural engineering, electrical and mechanical services, construction management and retail. He shows that BIM has been in existence since 1985. Ingram has been referred to as the “Father of BIM” in the press. Much of the material for his early innovations is archived in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London including the first architectural animation of a real street scene from 1976. ''AECBytes'' magazine said of the author :''It is fascinating to be able to look back at the origins of BIM from someone who not only had a front row seat to the game, but who actually played it — and not just played it, but actually drafted many of its rules''.


*The British Computer Society Medal for Outstanding Innovation, 1990. *The 2016 Prince Philip Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering for his "Exceptional Contribution to Engineering".


Ingram has received patents in disciplines including electronics, sensors, pharmaceutical and clean energy. They include: * , "Patent title Measurement sensor" – 7 March 2017 * , "Power Generator using Sea Wave Energy" – 7 November 2012 * , "Measuring tyre pressure" – 17 October 2008 * , "Isoflavones for treatment of obesity" – 30 March 2002

Personal life

Ingram was born in Banaba Island (also called Ocean Island) to Maurice Ingram, a doctor. In his personal life he was involved with socialite Sue Sangster.


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