Joe or JOE may refer to:


Film and television

* ''Joe'' (1970 film), starring Peter Boyle * ''Joe'' (2013 film), starring Nicolas Cage * ''Joe'' (TV series), a British TV series airing from 1966 to 1971 * ''Joe'', a 2002 Canadian animated short about Joe Fortes

Music and radio

* "Joe" (Inspiral Carpets song) * "Joe" (Red Hot Chili Peppers song) * "Joe", a song by The Cranberries on their album ''To the Faithful Departed'' *"Joe", a song by PJ Harvey on her album ''Dry'' *"Joe", a song by AJR on their album ''OK Orchestra'' * Joe FM (disambiguation), any of several radio stations


* Joe's Own Editor, a text editor for Unix systems * Joe, an object-oriented Java computing framework based on Sun's Distributed Objects Everywhere project


* Joe (website), a news website for the UK and Ireland * ''Joe'' (magazine), a defunct periodical developed originally for Kenyan youth


* Joe, North Carolina, United States, a town * Jõe, Saaremaa Parish, Estonia, a village * Kaarma-Jõe, Estonia, a village * Joe Island, Victoria, Australia * Joe Island (Greenland)


* Joe (given name), a given name (including a list of people and fictional characters with the name) * Isaiah Joe (born 1999), American basketball player * Joe (singer) (born 1973 as Joe Lewis Thomas), American singer, songwriter and record producer

Other uses

* Jōe, a garment worn in Japanese religious ceremonies * Joe (drink), slang for coffee * Joe, a currency, see banknotes of Demerary and Essequibo * Joensuu Airport, Liperi, Finland, by IATA airport code

See also

* * *Joe Biden, 46th president of the United States *Joe 1, American codename for the first Soviet nuclear weapon test *Joe 4, American codename for the first Soviet test of a thermonuclear weapon *Joes (disambiguation) *Joey (disambiguation) *Jo (disambiguation) {{Disambiguation|geo