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Jalo Oasis
(or Jalu, or Gialo) is an oasis in Cyrenaica, Libya, located west of the Great Sand Sea
Great Sand Sea
and about 250 km south-east of the Gulf of Sidra. Quite large, 19 kilometres (12 mi) long and up to 11 kilometres (7 mi) wide,[1] it supports a number of settlements, the largest of which is the town of Jalu. Jalu
was the administrative capital of the Jalu
District from 1983 to 1988, at which time the area became part of the Ajdabiya District
Ajdabiya District
and as of 2007 is now part of the Al Wahat District. Because of its location and as a source of water, it had strategic importance during the North African Campaign
North African Campaign
in World War II
World War II
and changed hands several times between Allied and Axis forces.[2] The water at the Jalo oasis
Jalo oasis
is quite salty (3,880 parts per million).[3] The water is an alkaline with a pH of 7.4 and is very hard with numerous dissolved salts in addition to sodium chloride.[3] Communities[edit] In addition to Jalu, the oasis supports the following communities:[4]

Al Hiri Labba Shurraf Masliwa Rashida


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Further reading[edit]

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Coordinates: 29°1′N 21°32′E / 29.017°N 21.533°E / 29.017; 21.533

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