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Immanuel Nobel
Immanuel Nobel
the Younger (/noʊˈbɛl/; Swedish: [nʊˈbɛl]; 24 March 1801 – 3 September 1872) was a Swedish engineer, architect, inventor and industrialist. He was the inventor of the rotary lathe used in plywood manufacturing. He was a member of the Nobel family
Nobel family
and the father of Robert Nobel, Ludvig Nobel
Ludvig Nobel
and Alfred Nobel. He also often experimented with nitroglycerin with his sons, which led to his son Emil Oskar Nobel's death because of an explosion at his father's factory Heleneborg
in Stockholm
in 1864. Nobel moved to Russia from Sweden in 1838, to sell his inventions in St. Petersburg, where he lived for two decades with his family. Among his successful creations was an improved version of an underwater exploding mine that personally interested Tsar Nicholas I
Tsar Nicholas I
of Russia. Immanuel founded a war supplies factory, Fonderies et Ateliers Mécaniques Nobel Fils, which turned out to be a very profitable business. However, the death of Nicholas I in 1855 and the end of the Crimean War
Crimean War
in 1856 brought about a shift in Russian policies and the new Tsar Alexander II
Tsar Alexander II
ordered a severe cut in the military budget that eventually placed Immanuel's company in serious economic difficulties. In 1859, the technical management of Nobel Fils was passed to Immanuel's son Ludvig and the former returned to Sweden. In 1862, Immanuel's firm was finally sold by his creditors.[1] References[edit]

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