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I've Gotta Horse is Billy Fury's second hit feature film, a semi-autobiographical musical comedy that also features Amanda Barrie, Michael Medwin and Jon Pertwee and pop bands The Gamblers and The Bachelors. It also features Fury's own race horse, Anselmo, and several of his own dogs. Larry Parnes, Billy Fury's manager, co-wrote the original story and co-produced, while Kenneth Hume directed,co-produced and co-wrote the story, with musical direction by Mike Leander. This 1965 U.K. release was filmed on location at Great Yarmouth where Fury had just finished his summer season at the Royal Aquarium Theatre which was used as the theatre in the film, with shooting also taking place at Shepperton Studios. The film is also known as Wonderful Day.[1][2][3][4]


Based on the star's famous love of animals, this musical comedy portrays Billy setting out to add a sheepdog to his vast entourage of animals and coming back with an irresistible horse named Armitage instead. To his manager's horror, Billy smuggles the horse backstage during rehearsals for his big show and the horse proceeds to create havoc. Little do either of them know that Armitage is actually a thoroughbred racehorse. Then Billy's horse contracts pneumonia and Billy must choose between love of his horse and the big show.


  • Billy Fury as Billy
  • Amanda Barrie as Jo
  • Michael Medwin as Hymie Campbell
  • Marjorie Rhodes as Mrs Bartholomew
  • Bill Fraser as Mr Bartholomew
  • Peter Gilmore as Jock
  • Allan Angel as Dancer
  • Peter Ardran as Dancer
  • The Bachelors as themselves
  • Tom Bowman as Trainer
  • Elisa Buckingham as Melissa
  • Linda Bywaters as Dancer
  • Elaine Carr as Dancer
  • Tom Carty as Dancer
  • Michael Cashman as Peter
  • Doreen Cran as Dancer
  • Ronald Curran as Dancer
  • Roy Durbin as Dancer
  • Leslie Dwyer as Bert
  • Fred Emney as Lord Bentley
  • John Falconer as Butler
  • The Gamblers as themselves
  • Richard Gardner as Dancer
  • Terry Gilbert as Dancer
  • Bill Harvey as Dancer
  • Derina House as Dancer
  • John Kelly as Michael – Donkey Man
  • Ann Lancaster as Woman Shopkeeper
  • Pauline Loring as Lady Bentley
  • Constance Luttrell as Duchess
  • Cal McCord as Whitney
  • Rosemary Neil-Smith as Lady Sloane
  • Sheila O'Neill as Betty
  • Jon Pertwee as Costumier's Assistant
  • Gareth Robinson as Jockey
  • Brian Todd as Dancer


The following songs were performed in the film:

Billy Fury's numbers included his backing group "The Gamblers", consisting of Jim Crawford (lead guitar/vocals), Alan George (piano/organ), Andy Mac (drums), Ken Brady (sax), Tony Diamond (guitar,trumpet,vocals) and Alan Sanders (bass vocals).[3]

The film's soundtrack album entitled "I've Gotta Horse" was released in March 1965. It was produced by Dick Rowe for Decca Records (Decca LK 4677). It does not include four of the songs from the film: I Must Be Dreaming, Like a Child, My Friend and How Can You Tell.[3]


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