Hubert is a Germanic masculine given name, from hug "mind" and beraht "bright".[1] It also occurs as a surname.

Saint Hubertus or Hubert (c. 656 – 30 May 727) is the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, and metalworkers.

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In England and Wales, Hubert was the 65th most commonly given male name in 1904, 71st in 1914 and 87th in 1924. By 1934 it had dropped out of the Top 100.[2]

See also

  • Heber, Anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic given name Éibhear
  • Hebert, a Germanic given name
  • Hibbert, given name derived from Hildebert
  • Huber, German occupational surname


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