The Info List - Hinrich Lohse

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Hinrich is both a masculine given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include: Given name:

Hinrich Ahrens
Hinrich Ahrens
(1921–2009), German World War II soldier and Knight's Cross recipient Hinrich Bitter-Suermann (born 1940), German-Canadian surgeon Hinrich Braren (1751–1826), Danish sailor and writer Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf
Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf
(1893–1961), German politician Hinrich Lohse (1896–1964), German Nazi politician Hinrich Johannes Rink
Hinrich Johannes Rink
(1819–1893), Danish geologist Hinrich Romeike
Hinrich Romeike
(born 1963), German equestrian Hinrich Schuldt
Hinrich Schuldt
(1901–1944), German Waffen-SS officer Hinrich Warrelmann (1904–1980), German general


Kirk Hinrich
Kirk Hinrich
(born 1981), American basketball player

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