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People[edit] Henry (given name) Henry (surname) Henry Lau, a K-pop singer who performs under the mononym Henry Royalty[edit] See also: List of rulers named Henry

king henry lefebvre the great of minnesota Portuguese royalty

King-Cardinal Henry, King of Portugal Henry, Count of Portugal, a.k.a. Henry of Burgundy, Count of Portugal (father of Portugal's first king) Prince Henry the Navigator, Infante of Portugal Infante Henrique, Duke of Coimbra (born 1949), the sixth in line to Portuguese throne King of Germany Henry the Fowler (876–936), first king of Germany King of Scots (in name, at least) Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1545/6–1567), consort of Mary, queen of Scots Henry Benedict Stuart, the 'Cardinal Duke of York', brother of Bonnie Prince Charlie, who was hailed by Jacobites as Henry IX Four kings of Castile: Henry I of Castile Henry II of Castile Henry III of Castile Henry IV of Castile Five kings of France, spelt Henri in Modern French since the Renaissance to italianize the name and to make the difference with the Norman and the English Henry. Henry I of France Henry II of France Henry III of France Henry IV of France Henri, comte de Chambord, Henry V of France Six Holy Roman Emperors: Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor Kings of England: Henry I of England Henry II of England Henry the Young King, co-ruler with his father, Henry II, until his death. Henry III of England Henry IV of England Henry V of England Henry VI of England Henry VII of England Henry VIII of England Counts of Waldeck Henry III, Lord of Waldeck Henry IV, Count of Waldeck Henry VI, Count of Waldeck Henry VII, Count of Waldeck Henry VIII, Count of Waldeck Henry IX, Count of Waldeck Henry Wolrad, Count of Waldeck Prince Harry (formally Prince Henry of Wales), son of the Prince of Wales and grandson of the Queen of England Henry of Prussia (other), multiple people Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark, né Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester Prince Henry of Battenberg Henry (Obotrite prince) (died 1127), "King of the Slavs" Places[edit] Extraterrestrial[edit] Henry (Apollo lunar crater), smaller than the above, visited by astronauts during Apollo 17 mission Henry (lunar crater) Henry (Martian crater) Terrestrial[edit] Henry Bay, Antarctica Henry County (other) Henry Creek, a stream in Kansas Henry, Illinois, a city Henry, Indiana, an unincorporated community Henry, Nebraska, a village Henry, South Dakota, a town Henry Lake (other) Henry Township (other) Henry River (other) Lake Henry (other) Arts, entertainment, and media[edit] Henry (2015 film), a virtual reality film Henry (2012 film), a short film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, a horror movie Henry (comics), an American comic strip created in 1932 by Carl Anderson "Henry", a song by New Riders of the Purple Sage Henry, a character in The Walking Dead TV series "I'm Henery the Eighth, I Am", a novelty song from 1910. Firearms[edit] Henry rifle, the first "practical" repeating rifle Henry Repeating Arms, an firearms manufacturing company established in 1996 Ships[edit] HMS Henry (1656), English Royal Navy vessel Henry (1819 ship) wrecked in 1825 Henry (1826 ship) lost in 1841 SS Henry, a Norwegian merchant ship sunk in controversial circumstances in 1944 Other uses[edit] Henry (unit), the SI unit of inductance Henry's law, which describes the distribution of a chemical between the gas and the liquid phase Henry (vacuum), flagship vacuum cleaner manufactured by Numatic International Limited Henry the Hexapus, a six-legged octopus found by British marine scientists in 2008 See also[edit] Henrik Henry's (other) Justice Henry (other) .mw-parser-output table.dmbox clear:both;margin:0.9em 1em;border-top:1px solid #ccc;border-bottom:1px solid #ccc;background-color:transparent

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