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Henry Alvah Strong (August 30, 1838 – July 26, 1919) was a U.S. photography businessman. He was the first president of the Eastman Kodak Company.[2][3][4]

Early Life and Family

Henry Strong was born on August 30, 1838 in Rochester, New York. He graduated from Wyoming Academy in 1858. On August 30, 1859, he married Helen Phoebe Griffin. They had three children: Gertrude Achilles, Helen Carter, and Henry G. Strong. After Helen's death in 1904 from diabetes, he married Hattie (Corrin) Lockwood, on June 14, 1905.[5]

Business Ventures

1887 Ad for Strong and Woodbury Lashes

Strong held a lead position in his family's buggy whip manufacturing company prior to meeting George Eastman in 1870. In 1881 he helped provide capital to Eastman to launch the Eastman Dry Plate Company which would later become Eastman Kodak Company.[3]


Numerous buildings in Rochester, notably Strong Memorial Hospital and Strong Auditorium at the University of Rochester were built from his philanthropy.


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Business positions
New office President of Eastman Kodak
1884 – July 26, 1919
Title next held by
George Eastman