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Helen of Troy, in Greek mythology, the most beautiful woman in the world Helen (actress)
Helen (actress)
(born 1938), Indian actress Helen (given name), a given name (including a list of people with the name)


Helen, Georgia, United States, a small city Helen, Maryland, United States, an unincorporated place Helen, Washington, an unincorporated community in Washington state, US Helen, West Virginia, a census-designated place in Raleigh County Helen Falls, a waterfall in Ontario, Canada Helen Lake, Montana, US Helen Lake (Vancouver Island), a Canadian lake

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Helen (album), a 1981 Grammy-nominated album by Helen Humes Helen (film), a 2009 American drama Helen (Inheritance), a fictional supporting character in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance trilogy Helen (novel), an 1834 novel by Maria Edgeworth Helen (play), a play by Euripides Helen (song)
Helen (song)
or "Hélène", 1989, by Roch Voisine Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet, an American comic strip


Typhoon Helen (1972), over the Pacific and Japan Typhoon Kalmaegi (2008), known in the Philippines as Typhoon Helen

Other uses[edit]

Helen (rocket), an ARCA demonstration vehicle Helen (unit), a humorous unit of measuring beauty Helen Oy, Finnish energy company Hyolitha#Helens, curved supports at the end of the shells of an extinct group of marine invertebrates Nakajima Ki-49, a Japanese World War II bomber given the reporting name "Helen"

See also[edit]

Elena (other) Eleni (other) Ellen (other) Helen of Troy
Helen of Troy
(other) Helena (other) Helene (other) Hélène (other) Helenus, son of King Priam of Troy Hellen, son of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the ancestor of the Greeks Hellenic, pertaining to Greece or the Greeks Saint Helena (other) Yelena

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