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A directorate is an agency usually headed by a director, often a subdivision of a major government department. Contemporary[edit]

Directorates of the Scottish Government Directorate-General, a type of specialised administrative body in the European Union Directorate-General
for External Security, the French external intelligence agency, established 1982 Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence
Inter-Services Intelligence
(Pakistan) the premier intelligence service of Pakistan and a division of Pakistan Army. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India), the India's civil safety watch and responsible for investigation for aviation incidents. General Intelligence Directorate (Jordan), the Jordanian state intelligence agency, est. 1964 Intelligence Directorate, the Cuban state intelligence agency, est. 1961 Veterinary Medicines Directorate, an agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (United Kingdom), est. 1989


French Directory
French Directory
or Directorate, one of the French Revolution's governing bodies, 1795–1799 Directorate of Ukraine, provisional revolutionary state committee of the Ukrainian National Republic, 1918–1920 Directorate (Russia), the ruling body of the Russian Provisional Government, September–October 1917 Directorate of Military Intelligence (United Kingdom), a department of the War Office (United Kingdom), disestablished 1964 Immigration and Nationality Directorate, an agency of the Home Office (United Kingdom), disestablished 2007

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