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The Hasdingi were the southern tribes of the Vandals, an East Germanic tribe. They lived in areas of today's southern Poland, western Ukraine, Slovakia
and Hungary. They were part of the migratory movements of the Vandals, into the Iberian peninsula
Iberian peninsula
and later on to North Africa. The Hasdingi crossed the Rhine
into Gaul
in 406 AD, although their king Godigisel lost his life in battle against the Franks
during the crossing. The Hasdingi settled as foederati in Gallaecia
(today Galicia, Asturias
and the north of Portugal) along with the Suebi
in 409 AD and their territory was one of the earliest Barbarian territories to be founded. Gunderic, Godegisel's successor as king of the Hasdingi, lost his kingdom to king Hermeric
of the Suebi
after the Battle of the Nervasos Mountains against an allied force of Suebi
and Romans in 419. He fled to Baetica
with his army where he also became king of the Silingi Vandals
and of the Alans. Gunderic was succeeded by his brother Genseric
in 428 AD, who subsequently fled from Iberia to North Africa where he established a kingdom at Carthage. See also[edit]

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