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HM or hm may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

* ''HM'' (magazine), a Christian hard rock magazine * Hidden Machine, a type of item in Pokémon


* H&M, a Swedish clothing company * Hindustan Motors, an automobile manufacturer of India *
Air Seychelles Air Seychelles is the flag carrier, national airline of the Republic of Seychelles. Its head office is located at Seychelles International Airport on the island of Mahé, Seychelles, Mahé and it operates inter-island and international flights an ...
(IATA airline code)

Other uses

Heard Island and McDonald Islands The Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) is an Australian States and territories of Australia, external territory comprising a volcanic group of mostly barren Antarctic islands, about two-thirds of the way from Madagascar to ...
(ISO 3166 digram and FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code) ** .hm, the Internet country code top-level domain ostensibly for the above * Hectometre, hm, an SI unit of length * Henry Molaison, aka Patient H.M., a man with anterograde amnesia * His or Her
Majesty Majesty (abbreviated HM for His Majesty or Her Majesty, oral address Your Majesty; from the Latin Latin (, or , ) is a classical language belonging to the Italic languages, Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Latin was originall ...
, a form of address for various monarchs *
Hindley–Milner type system A Hindley–Milner (HM) type system is a classical type system for the lambda calculus with parametric polymorphism. It is also known as Damas–Milner or Damas–Hindley–Milner. It was first described by J. Roger Hindley and later rediscovered ...
, in mathematics *
Hospital corpsman A hospital corpsman (HM r corpsman is an Enlisted rank, enlisted medical specialist of the United States Navy, who may also serve in a United States Marine Corps, U.S. Marine Corps unit. The corresponding List of United States Coast Guard ...
, in the United States Navy * Sisters of the Holy Humility of Mary's postnominal initials {{disambiguation