The Info List - Hôtel Du Vieux-Raisin

The Hôtel du Vieux Raisin in Toulouse, France, is a Renaissance hôtel particulier (palace) of the 16th century. History[edit] Vieux Raisin literally means Old Grape, its name comes from a tavern on the same street that owned a sign with a bunch of grapes. The facade at the back of the courtyard dates from 1518, while the wings more richly decorated date probably from the 1580s. This hôtel particulier is surely one of the most beautiful private mansions of the time. It was built for Berenger Maynier, professor of law, lord of Canac and Gallice and capitoul from 1515 to 1516; The style chosen was that of this period, strongly influenced by the Italian Renaissance. Pictures[edit]

Hôtel du Vieux Raisin


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Coordinates: 43°35′50″N 1°26′45″E / 43.5972°N 1.4458°E / 43.