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Grabowski, Grabovsky, Grabauskas, Hraboŭski, or Hrabovskyi is a surname with forms in various languages. The Belarusian and Ukrainian variants are generally transcribed beginning with an 'h' but may also be written with a 'g'. Grabowski is the 20th most common surname in Poland
(59,052 people in 2009).[1]

Language Masculine Feminine Plural

Polish Grabowski ([ɡraˈbɔfski]) Grabowska ([ɡraˈbɔfska]) Grabowscy ([ɡraˈbɔfst͡sɨ])

Belarusian (Romanization) Грабоўскі (Hraboŭski, Grabouski) Грабоўская (Hraboŭskaja, Hrabouskaya, Hrabouskaia Grabouskaja, Grabouskaya, Grabouskaia)

Lithuanian Grabauskas Grabauskienė (married) Grabauskaitė (unmarried)

Russian (Romanization) Грабовский (Grabovsky, Grabovskiy, Grabovskij) Грабовская (Grabovskaya, Grabovskaia, Grabovskaja)

Ukrainian (Romanization) Грабовський (Hrabovskyi, Hrabovskyy, Hrabovskyj, Hrabowsky, Grabovskyi, Grabovskyy, Grabovskyj) Грабовська (Hrabovska, Grabovska)


Adolf Grabowsky, German political scientist Aleksandra 'Ola' Grabowska, Polish-born British professional dancer Andrzej Grabowski, Polish actor Antoni Grabowski, Polish Esperantist Damian Grabowski, Polish mixed martial artist Dariusz Grabowski, Polish politician Dmytro Grabovskyy
Dmytro Grabovskyy
(1985-2017), Ukrainian road bicycle racer Ewa Grabowska, Polish alpine skier Genowefa Grabowska, Polish politician and member of the European Parliament Izabela Grabowska
Izabela Grabowska
(1776-1858), Polish noblewoman Jan Grabowski (1950-2017), Polish speedway rider Jan Jerzy Grabowski, Polish general Jason Grabowski, American baseball player Jim Grabowski, American football player Jürgen Grabowski
Jürgen Grabowski
(born 1944), West German international football player Mikhail Grabovski
Mikhail Grabovski
(born 1984), Belarusian ice hockey player Michał Grabowski (1773–1812), Polish generał Michal Grabowski (author)
Michal Grabowski (author)
(1804–1863), Polish author Norm Grabowski, American hot rod builder and actor Mena Grabowski Trott, cofounder of Six Apart Urszula Grabowska, Polish TV actress Władysław Grabowski, Polish actor


Grabowsky Motor Corporation, the pre-1912 predecessor of GMC Truck Grabowski Prize, prize for young authors writing in Esperanto Laurel Rose Willson (alias Laura Grabowski), American writer


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