Grün (sometimes transliterated as gruen), is a German word and surname meaning "green".


  • Anastasius Grün, pseudonym of Count Anton Alexander von Auersperg (1806–1876), Austrian poet and liberal politician
  • Anselm Grün, German Benedictine padre, author of spiritual books, and clerical advisor
  • Arno Gruen, German psychologist and psychoanalyst
  • David Grüen, birth name of politician David Ben-Gurion, Polish-Israeli first Prime Minister of Israel and Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization
  • Derek Gruen, birth name of musician Del Marquis, the lead guitarist for the group Scissor Sisters
  • Dietrich Gruen, founder of the Gruen Watch Company
  • Eberhard Grün, German planetary scientist
  • Erich S. Gruen, American classicist and ancient historian
  • Fred Gruen, Australian economist, an early and influential voice in favour of free trade and tariff reductions in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Frederick G. Gruen, son of Dietrich Gruen, player in Gruen Watch Company
  • George J. Gruen, son of Dietrich Gruen, player in the Gruen Watch Company
  • Georges Grün, a former football defender and a TV presenter for the UEFA Champions League matches at RTL TVI
  • Jules-Alexandre Grün, French painter
  • Karl Theodor Ferdinand Grün, German political theorist
  • Stefan Grun, Australian rules football umpire in the AFL
  • Victor Gruen (1903–1980), an Austrian-born commercial architect who emigrated to the United States in 1938 and is the father of the modern American shopping mall
  • Dick Grune, computer scientist




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