Flight of the Conchords was a radio series broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in 2005, starring the New Zealand musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. A 3-CD set containing all the episodes was released in 2006 by the BBC. Each disc consisted of 2 episodes.

At the 2006 Sony Radio Academy Awards, the series won bronze in the Comedy Award.[2] The later HBO television series of the same name was a spin-off from this radio series.[3]

The series is regularly repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra.[4]

A Director's Cut release was planned by BBC, which was set to include "outtakes and full-length songs from the duo", and was initially set to be released on 13 November 2008 and was available for pre-order from the BBC Shop.[5] However, the release date was then pushed back to 31 December 2009[6] and later 31 December 2010.[7] The title has not been released, and the BBC Shop eventually removed their product page for the item.


Episode listing

Episode 1 - Tower of London

  1. Hello, I'm Rob Brydon
  2. Think Think About It
  3. Mikey's Flat
  4. Flat Tour
  5. Brian Books a Gig
  6. Band Meeting #1
  7. Frodo
  8. The Tower of London
  9. Brian and Neil #1
  10. Is That an Arrow?
  • Guest Performers: Mike Sengelow, Andy Parsons
  • Songs: "Think About It, Think, Think About It" (aka "Junkies with Monkeys"); "Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring"

Episode 2 - Dan & the Panda

  1. Hello, I'm Rob Brydon
  2. Bowie
  3. My Name's Tim
  4. The Room Incident
  5. Brian and Craig
  6. Body Image
  7. Bernard from EMI
  8. You Got It Goin On
  9. Brian and Neil #2
  10. The Confession

Guest Performers: Dan Antopolski, Daniel Kitson

Episode 3 - The Fans Proposition

  1. Hello, I'm Rob Brydon
  2. Click on This One
  3. Orange Dinosaur Slide
  4. Contest Winners
  5. Sing for Supper
  6. Photo Book
  7. Anything Tri
  8. Band Meeting #2
  9. Guys!!!
  10. Trevor Is Angry

Guest Performers: Nina Conti, Jimmy Carr

Episode 4 - Pop Song

  1. Hello, I'm Rob Brydon
  2. Bret Sets Off for a Pie
  3. Business Time
  4. Brian Can Barely Contain Himself
  5. In the Pie Shop Again
  6. Nearly a Woman
  7. The Coffee Cart
  8. What the Fuck
  9. Whambi Turns Up Everywhere
  10. Nearly a Woman (At The Pig & Whistle)

Guest Performers: Whambi, Mark Goodier, Greg Proops, Emma Kennedy

Episode 5 - Suzanne

  1. Hello, I'm Rob Brydon
  2. Creative Juices
  3. Waterloo Bridge
  4. What You're Into
  5. I'm Not Crying
  6. After the Gig
  7. Disharmony
  8. Sue Is Trying to Split the Band
  9. The Band's Broken Up
  10. The Humans Are Dead

Guest Performers: Emma Kennedy

Episode 6 - Neil Finn Saves The Day!

  1. Hello, I'm Rob Brydon
  2. All in the Toilet
  3. A Bret-Shaped Hole
  4. Jemaine's Going to Do It
  5. The Royal Albert Hall
  6. The Folk Parody Duo
  7. Community Fete Board
  8. Sticky Situation
  9. Work Permit Violation
  10. What of the Legacy

Guest Performers: Justin Edwards, Jarred Christmas, Beth Chalmers, Jimmy Carr, Emma Kennedy


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