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Farnborough is a town in north east Hampshire, England, part of the borough of Rushmoor
and the Farnborough/ Aldershot
Built-up Area. Farnborough was founded in Saxon times and is mentioned in the Domesday Book
Domesday Book
of 1086. The name is formed from Ferneberga which means "fern hill". The town is probably best known for its association with aviation – Farnborough Airshow, Farnborough Aerodrome, Royal Aircraft Establishment, and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.


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8.1 State education 8.2 Primary 8.3 Secondary 8.4 Tertiary 8.5 Higher education

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Geography and climate[edit] Farnborough is situated in northeast Hampshire
near the boundary with Surrey. The River Blackwater forms part of the boundary. It is located 34 miles (55 km) southwest of London and 16 miles (26 km) east of Basingstoke, directly to the south of junction 4 of the M3 motorway. The town lies at the centre of the Blackwater Valley conurbation, which includes Aldershot, Camberley, Yateley, Sandhurst, Frimley
and Farnham. Farnborough has incorporated several sizeable villages as it has expanded, including North Camp
North Camp
to the south, Cove and Southwood, which are now considered suburbs. It is contiguous with the garrison town of Aldershot
to the south and with Frimley
to the north. The council of the local government district of Rushmoor
is based in the town. The district has borough status and also covers nearby Aldershot. Farnborough's suburban areas include Southwood, Rafborough, Cove, West Heath, Farnborough Park, Farnborough Street, North Camp, South Farnborough, Fox Lane, Hawley Lane, St. John's, and St. Christopher's. Within Farnborough the only naturally occurring significant flowing water is Cove Brook. The Met Office
Met Office
have a weather station at Farnborough Airport
Farnborough Airport
which has been operating since 1914.

Climate data for Farnborough, Hampshire, UK (1981-2010)

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year

Average high °C (°F) 7.7 (45.9) 8.0 (46.4) 10.9 (51.6) 13.8 (56.8) 17.3 (63.1) 20.3 (68.5) 22.7 (72.9) 22.3 (72.1) 19.2 (66.6) 15.0 (59) 10.7 (51.3) 7.9 (46.2) 14.65 (58.37)

Daily mean °C (°F) 4.5 (40.1) 4.5 (40.1) 6.8 (44.2) 9.0 (48.2) 12.3 (54.1) 15.3 (59.5) 17.6 (63.7) 17.2 (63) 14.5 (58.1) 11.1 (52) 7.2 (45) 4.8 (40.6) 10.4 (50.72)

Average low °C (°F) 1.3 (34.3) 1.0 (33.8) 2.7 (36.9) 4.1 (39.4) 7.3 (45.1) 10.3 (50.5) 12.4 (54.3) 12.1 (53.8) 9.7 (49.5) 7.1 (44.8) 3.6 (38.5) 1.6 (34.9) 6.1 (42.98)

Average rainfall mm (inches) 67.8 (2.669) 49.0 (1.929) 50.3 (1.98) 48.5 (1.909) 52.4 (2.063) 45.6 (1.795) 45.0 (1.772) 52.8 (2.079) 57.0 (2.244) 79.2 (3.118) 74.4 (2.929) 69.2 (2.724) 691.2 (27.211)

Mean monthly sunshine hours 53.2 75.2 112.2 166.5 193.3 185.0 212.0 201.0 142.9 112.4 67.5 50.6 1,571.8

Source: Met Office[1]

History[edit] Name changes: Ferneberga (11th century); Farnburghe, Farenberg (13th century); Farnborowe, Fremborough, Farneborough (16th century). Tower Hill[edit] Tower Hill, Cove: There is substantial evidence[2] that many years ago a large accumulation of Sarsen
stones existed upon what later came to be known as Tower Hill. Farnborough Abbey[edit] The town is the home of St. Michael's Abbey. The Imperial Crypt
there is the resting place of Napoleon III
Napoleon III
(1808–1873), Emperor of the French, and his wife, Eugénie de Montijo, (1826–1920)[3] and their son, Napoléon, Prince Imperial. The Abbey was the home of the Catholic National Library
Catholic National Library
from 2007 until it was relocated to Durham University Library in 2015.[4] River Blackwater[edit] The River Blackwater on the Hampshire/ Surrey
border was the location of the first international prize fight between Tom Sayers
Tom Sayers
and John C. Heenan, which took place near the location of the Ship Inn pub.[5][6] Samuel Cody[edit] Closely associated with Farnborough Airfield, situated between Farnborough and Fleet, is Samuel Franklin Cody. Cody, or Colonel Sam Cody as he was known, was one of the early pioneers of aviation. He died when he crashed his plane on Ball Hill, a site which is now within Qinetiq's Technology Park. A statue was unveiled on the 100th anniversary of his death, 7 August 2013. The statue is sited outside the FAST museum, home of the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, surrounded by commemorative paving paid for by supporters. RAE[edit]

Main Fan in Building Q121

Farnborough Airfield is the site of the historic Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE). Part of the old RAE, Farnborough's historic wind tunnels are now listed buildings, two in particular preserved. The first built in 1917 and the other, much larger, in 1935. The latter was used extensively for research into Concorde aerodynamics, Formula 1 cars until its closure in the early 1990s. The tunnels were open to the public during June and July 2014 until the end of the Farnborough International Airshow. Sir Frank Whittle
Frank Whittle
conducted much of his research into jet aircraft at the RAE. A replica Gloster E.28/39
Gloster E.28/39
(based on his prototype) is sited on a roundabout along Ively Road in tribute to its inventor.

A monument to the Gloster E.28/39

The Tumble Down Dick[edit]

The Tumble Down Dick, before its conversion

An inn, The Tumble Down Dick Pub
The Tumble Down Dick Pub
has been present on the A325 Farnborough Road since the 17th century. It was reputedly connected to Richard Cromwell, and was the central focus of the town before its 19th-century refocus toward North Camp
North Camp
and the town centre proper's 20th-century development. The pub closed in 2008 and was designated an "Asset of Community Value" in 2013 after local protest over a request for planning permission by McDonald's.[7] The ACV status was later rescinded after an appeal by the site's owners. Permission was granted for the site's conversion to a McDonald's
restaurant on 9 October 2013, and the building reopened with a new roof in October 2014 after being allowed to lie derelict for six years. During the renovation, an early advertisement for the Reading Simmonds Brewery was discovered and is now on full display on the side of the building. Transport[edit] Farnborough is near junctions 4 and 4a of the M3 motorway. The A325 enters the town from Frimley
to the north, and continues into Aldershot
to the south. The A331 runs north to south along the east side of the town. Farnborough is served by three railway stations, the busiest of which is Farnborough (Main) railway station
Farnborough (Main) railway station
on the South Western Main Line from London Waterloo to Basingstoke
and beyond. Farnborough North railway station and North Camp
North Camp
railway station are both on the North Downs Line between Reading and Gatwick.[8] North Camp
North Camp
station is a short distance over the county border, in the Surrey
village of Ash Vale.[9] Since 2003 Farnborough Airport
Farnborough Airport
has been a business airport operated by TAG Aviation. The Farnborough International Airshow takes place at the airport on even numbered years. Politics[edit] Borough[edit] Farnborough is part of the Borough of Rushmoor, along with Aldershot.[10] It contains eight wards, each with three elected borough councillors. Until 2011, there were nine wards, but following the Electoral boundary reviews,[11] Grange and Mayfield wards were merged to create Cherrywood ward.[12] The full list of wards and their councillors is as follows: Cove & Southwood:[13] Cllr. Sue Carter (Conservative), Cllr. Steve Masterson (Conservative), Cllr. Martin Tennant (Conservative) Cherrywood:[14] Cllr. Clive Grattan (Labour), Cllr. Barry Jones (Labour), Cllr. Les Taylor (Labour) Empress:[15] Cllr. Marina Munro (Conservative), Cllr. Gareth Lyon (Conservative), Cllr. Mike Smith (Conservative) Fernhill:[16] Cllr. John Woolley (Conservative), Cllr. John Marsh (Conservative), Cllr. Ken Muschamp (Conservative) Knellwood:[17] Cllr. Roland Dibbs (Conservative), Cllr. Adam Jackman (Conservative), Cllr. Paul Taylor (Conservative) St. Johns:[18] Cllr. Jacqui Vosper (Conservative), Cllr. Barbara Hurst (Conservative), Cllr. Jonathan Canty (Conservative) St. Marks:[19] Cllr. Dianne Bedford (Conservative), Cllr. David Gladstone (Conservative), Cllr. Liz Corps (Conservative) West Heath:[20] Cllr. Rod Cooper (Conservative), Cllr. Mark Staplehurst (UK Independence Party), Cllr. Dave Bell (UK Independence Party) County[edit] Farnborough is represented on Hampshire
County Council by three Divisions, each with a single elected representative. Farnborough North:[21] Cllr. Roz Chadd (Conservative) Farnborough South:[22] Cllr. Roland Dibbs (Conservative) Farnborough West:[23] Cllr. Rod Cooper (Conservative) National[edit] Until 2017, the local MP was Gerald Howarth
Gerald Howarth
(Conservative) for the Constituency of Aldershot, a former defence minister. Notable residents[edit]

French emperor Napoleon III, his wife Empress Eugenie
Empress Eugenie
and son Louis Napoleon are entombed in the crypt at Saint Michael's Abbey, although it was only Eugenie who was a resident of Farnborough while alive. Their former house was turned into an independent Boarding school
Boarding school
and convent set in 64 acres of ground, Farnborough Hill
Farnborough Hill
Convent[24] David Mellor
David Mellor
and Anne Robinson[25] went to school in Farnborough. Former Middlesex County Cricket
Club captain Shaun Udal, who also played for Hampshire
and at international level for England, was born and raised here.[26] Arthur English
Arthur English
lived in Farnborough for a period, as well as Christopher Lillicrap, children's TV presenter and writer. Fernand Cabrol, monk and scholar became Prior and, later, Abbot at the Benedictine abbey. In 1922 T.E. Lawrence
T.E. Lawrence
(Lawrence of Arabia) was posted to RAF Farnborough for a photography course,[27] it is thought he lived in Farnborough for 6 weeks. Actress Janet Wright was born in Farnborough before moving to Canada as a child.

Media[edit] Only some parts of Farnborough are served by two free local newspapers, The Star Courier (published from 18 September 2008 as a combination of the former Surrey
Hants Star and the Aldershot Farnborough Courier) and The Rush, along with one local available for purchase, The Farnborough News & Mail.[28] Although the local ITV news region is ITV Meridian and the local BBC
TV news region is BBC South, the area is also served from Crystal Palace and Guildford transmitters carrying London programming. Farnborough is covered by BBC
radio on BBC
Surrey. Local commercial radio stations are 96.4 Eagle Radio and Eagle Extra
Eagle Extra
as well as Heart Thames Valley. Commerce[edit] Cody Technology Park[edit] The headquarters of QinetiQ
is located in Cody Technology Park. Farnborough Aerospace Centre (business park)[edit]

Part of Farnborough Aerospace Centre.

Farnborough Aerospace Centre is a business park south of the airfield. IQ Farnborough (business park)[edit]

The reconstructed airship hangar at IQ Farnborough.

Adjacent to the airport, IQ Farnborough (formerly Farnborough Business Park),[29] is a development. When completed it will include new housing, a new aviation library and the refurbishing of the listed wind tunnels on the site. Current tenants include: AgustaWestland, Autodesk, a BMW
& MINI dealership, Costco warehouse, Blue Coat Systems, Bluhalo,[30] Defence Strategy & Solutions, Imagine Homes, a hotel, Orcare Limited,[31] Fluor Limited,[32] Red Hat
Red Hat
and DGTL,[33] On the park is the frame of a 1910 Airship Hangar which had previously been dismantled to house wind tunnels, but is now reconstructed – minus its outer skin – to make an impressive centrepiece. The structure has now been listed and protected as a Grade II building. During the fifteenth series of Top Gear a race was performed around the business park. BMW
in 2013 announced that they will move their UK headquarters from Bracknell to the old Nokia facility on the outskirts of Farnborough.[34] Other notable companies[edit] Other notable companies present in Farnborough are Aon Hewitt, BAE Systems, Qualcomm, IBM, Absolute Validation, Toshiba, Lockheed Martin. Diners Club International, RBS and Lok'nstore. Other industry[edit] Farnborough's North Camp
North Camp
district is notable as being the location of Hampshire's only full-throughput abattoir. The abattoir is nestled between housing and a school, its site having entrances on both Peabody Road and Sherborne Road. It is licensed to kill bulls, cows, sheep, pigs and goats.[35] Retail[edit] Farnborough has one main shopping centre divided into three areas; Kingsmead and Queensmead (which are currently undergoing redevelopment into 'The Meads') and Princesmead. There are three supermarkets in Farnborough. Towards the south of Farnborough is North Camp
North Camp
village with independent retailers. Solartron retail park is located to the West of the town centre. On the border with Frimley, there is a retail park known as Blackwater Retail Park (formerly Farnborough Gate). Education[edit] State education[edit] Primary[edit] There are currently seventeen primary schools in Farnborough.[when?]

Cherrywood Community Primary School Cove Infant School Cove Junior School Fernhill Primary School Grange Community Junior School Guillemont Junior School Manor Infant School Manor Junior School North Farnborough Infant School Parsonage Farm Infant School Pinewood Infant School South Farnborough Infant School South Farnborough Junior School Southwood Infant School St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School St Mark's Church of England
Aided Primary School St Patrick's Catholic Primary School St Peter's Church of England
Aided Junior School Tower Hill Primary School

Secondary[edit] There are three state secondary schools in Farnborough. All three are non-selective, mixed comprehensives, for pupils aged 11–16.

Cove School Fernhill School The Wavell School

There are two independent Roman Catholic secondary schools in Farnborough. Both are single-sex, selective and include sixth forms. (2012 GCSE score in parentheses)

Farnborough Hill
Farnborough Hill
(98%)[36] Salesian College (99%) All Hallows Catholic School (99%)

Tertiary[edit] The town is home to the Sixth Form College, Farnborough, which draws in around 3,000 students aged 16–19 from the surrounding area. Farnborough College of Technology
Farnborough College of Technology
is a further-education institution specialising in BTEC, A-level and vocational courses for students aged 16+. Higher education[edit] Whilst there are no universities in Farnborough, University Centre Farnborough (UCF) at Farnborough College of Technology, provides degree-level courses, accredited by the University of Surrey. There are universities, which lie with 30 km (19 mi) of the town :-

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
campus (9 km / 6 miles south) University of Surrey, Guildford
(20 km / 13 miles southeast) Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey
(20 km / 13 miles northeast) University of Reading
University of Reading
(30 km / 19 miles northwest)

Town centre[edit] The centre of Farnborough includes the Kingsmead, Queensmead and Princesmead Shopping precincts. In February 2007, Rushmoor
Borough Council unveiled plans to renovate the centre of Farnborough over the next two decades. The town centre study[37] outlines major changes to the council offices, Farnborough's main railway station, the local road network and the continuation of the improvements to Farnborough's town centre, including the development of a Discovery Centre (a Hampshire
County Council initiative aimed at improving libraries in the county). Work is underway to construct a new retail area with an entertainment complex.[citation needed] Several new blocks of flats have also been built adjacent to the town centre.[citation needed] Following a public consultation during the winter 2011–12, a 'town centre prospectus' outlining extensive redevelopment plans for the whole centre, including the building of a new cinema, a significant expansion of the available retail space, a new look for Queensmead shopping street and a community-led theatre or cultural venue was published.[38] On the edge of the town centre, is Farnborough Leisure Centre, which has a swimming pool, gym, indoor bowling, squash courts and ten pin bowling. Sport[edit] Football[edit] The football club, Farnborough F.C.
Farnborough F.C.
(known as Farnborough Town FC until 2007),[39] play in the Conference South. As Farnborough Town F.C., the team came to national prominence in 2003 when they reached the 4th round of the FA Cup, where they played the previous season's Cup winners Arsenal at Highbury. They were drawn to play the tie at home but the venue was switched on police advice. The match was won 5–1 by Arsenal. As Farnborough F.C they have won the British Gas Business South and West and Premier division and got to the final of the Hampshire
Senior Cup against Basingstoke
but lost. The town's other clubs are Cove F.C, Farnborough North End and South Farnborough F.C. These teams play in the Southern Counties League and Aldershot & District League respectively. Rugby[edit] Established in 1915 (originally as the Royal Aircraft Factory Rugby Union Football Club) Farnborough Rugby Football Club[40] is primarily a rugby union club based at Tile Barn Close in Farnborough. They play in Hampshire
Division 1. They also have a Minis and Juniors section which caters for boys from 5 to 19 years of age and girls from 5 to 12 years of age. In the summer 2007 season they also fielded a successful rugby league team, winning the Co-op Southern Conference competition in their first year of entering. Cricket[edit] One cricket club in Farnborough is Cove Cricket
Club.[41] It fields five senior sides on a Saturday including an Academy XI playing in the Morrant Thames Valley Cricket
League and one side on a Sunday playing a combination of league and friendly games. In 2007 Cove established a mini's section, providing cricket related fun on a Monday evening for players aged 4 to 7. Cove run boys teams at U9, U11, U13, and U15 and girls teams at U13 and U15. Hockey[edit] Camberley
and Farnborough Hockey Club[42] play men and women's field hockey in nearby Camberley
(Kings International College). The London 2012 Bronze medal and Rio 2016 Gold medal winning Alex Danson
Alex Danson
went to school and played hockey at Farnborough Hill. Danson is now the captain of the Great Britain Women's Hockey Team. Motorsports[edit]

Layout from the Farnborough District Motor Club Summer Solo Event

The Farnborough District Motor Club holds rallies, autocross, sprint, hillclimbing events throughout the year.[43] Basketball[edit] Farnborough Phantoms Basketball Club[44] was formed in 1996 and has men's, ladies' and junior teams which play in local leagues. Twinned towns[edit] Rushmoor
is twinned with:[45]

Meudon, France[45][46] Oberursel, Germany[45] Sulechów, Poland[45]

Neighbouring areas[edit]

Neighbouring areas

Hawley Camberley Frimley




Farnborough Airfield Aldershot Ash Vale

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