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Faction or factionalism may refer to:

Political faction, a group of people with a common political purpose Clan (computer gaming) or Guild, an association of players of multiplayer games Faction (literature), a type of historical novel based on fact Faction (Planescape), political factions in the game Planescape Guild Wars Factions, a 2006 computer game developed by ArenaNet FACTION 28, a music channel on Sirius Satellite Radio The Faction (band), a punk rock band Red Faction, a 2001 computer game developed by THQ Faction (Sirius XM) Factions (Divergent) Faction fighting, an English term for Irish mass stick fights, see Bataireacht Free and Independent Faction, a Romanian political party

See also[edit]

Centrism Common good Division (vote) E pluribus unum The Federalist Papers Political party Representation (politics) Sectarianism Separatism

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