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Fabienne Shine is a French model, actress and musician, born in Tunisia, North Africa in 1944 and raised in Paris at early age. She's known for founding with guitarist Eric Levi, the French heavy metal band, Shakin' Street in the mid-70s. The band has gathered musicians like Louis Bertignac
Louis Bertignac
and Corinne Marienneau who would later create the French rock band, Téléphone. She released her autobiography in 2014, co-written with French rock critic, Jean-Eric Perrin, "Sexe, Drogues & Rock'n'roll"[1].


1 Discography

1.1 with Shakin' Street 1.2 Solo

2 Selected filmography 3 References 4 External links

Discography[edit] with Shakin' Street[edit]

Vampire Rock (1978) Shakin' Street (1980) 21st Century Love Channel (2009) Psychic (2014)


No Mad Nomad (1997) Fabienne Shine and the Planets (2007) Fabienne Shine (2018) Don't Tell Me How to Shake It

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Director

1967 Fantabulous Inc. Alice Sergio Spina

The Subversives Giovanna Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

The Visionaries Valeria Maurizio Ponzi

1968 Barbarella the female tree Roger Vadim

1969 Scusi, facciamo l'amore? Puccio Picco Vittorio Caprioli

1970 Lettera aperta a un giornale della sera the student Francesco Maselli


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External links[edit]

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