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1 Mythologies by region

1.1 Africa

1.1.1 Central Africa 1.1.2 East Africa 1.1.3 Horn of Africa 1.1.4 North Africa 1.1.5 West Africa 1.1.6 Southern Africa

1.2 Arctic 1.3 Asia

1.3.1 Southwestern Asia 1.3.2 South Asia 1.3.3 Southeast Asia 1.3.4 East Asia 1.3.5 Central and Northern Asia

1.4 Australia and Oceania 1.5 Europe

1.5.1 Classical Antiquity 1.5.2 British Isles 1.5.3 North Caucasus 1.5.4 South Caucasus/Transcaucasia 1.5.5 Eastern Europe 1.5.6 Northern Europe 1.5.7 Southern Europe 1.5.8 Western Europe

1.6 Americas

1.6.1 Mesoamerica 1.6.2 Caribbean 1.6.3 South America 1.6.4 African diasporic

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Mythologies by region[edit] Africa[edit] Further information: African traditional religions Central Africa[edit]

Bantu mythology Bushongo mythology (Congo) Baluba mythology Bambuti (Pygmy) mythology (Congo) Lugbara mythology (Congo)

East Africa[edit]

Akamba mythology
Akamba mythology
(East Kenya) Dinka mythology (Sudan) Lotuko mythology (Sudan) Masai mythology (Kenya, Tanzania) Kintu, Kaikuzi, Warumbe etc. (Uganda)

Horn of Africa[edit]

Somali mythology

North Africa[edit]

Berber mythology Egyptian mythology
Egyptian mythology

West Africa[edit] Further information: West African mythology

Akan mythology Ashanti mythology
Ashanti mythology
(Ghana) Dahomey (Fon) mythology Edo mythology (Nigeria, Benin) *(Also connected to Edo Mysteries) Efik mythology (Nigeria, Cameroon) Igbo mythology
Igbo mythology
(Nigeria, Cameroon) Isoko mythology
Isoko mythology
(Nigeria) Yoruba mythology
Yoruba mythology
(Nigeria, Benin)

Southern Africa[edit]

Khoikhoi mythology Lozi mythology (Zambia) Malagasy mythology Tumbuka mythology (Malawi) Zulu mythology (South Africa)

Arctic[edit] Further information: Shamanism in Siberia overlaps with North Asia, Northern Europe and North America.

Finnish mythology Inuit mythology Norse mythology Sami mythology

Asia[edit] Main article: List of Asian mythologies Southwestern Asia[edit] Main article: Middle Eastern mythology Middle East, Persia, Anatolia, Caucasus.


Further information: Ancient Near Eastern religion

Sumerian religion Mesopotamian mythology
Mesopotamian mythology
(Sumerian, Assyro-Babylonian)* Iranian mythology Semitic mythology

Babylonian mythology Arabian mythology Canaanite mythology

Hittite mythology Hurrian mythology Scythian mythology Elamite mythology

Medieval to Modern

Armenian mythology Arabian mythology Iranian mythology

Balochi mythology Ossetian mythology Kurdish mythology Persian mythology


South Asia[edit]

Ayyavazhi mythology Hindu mythology/Vedic mythology/Indian epic poetry Tamil mythology Buddhist mythology

Southeast Asia[edit]

Mythology of Indonesia

Balinese mythology

Philippine mythology

East Asia[edit]

Chinese mythology Japanese mythology Korean mythology Tibetan mythology Ryukyuan mythology Ainu mythology

Central and Northern Asia[edit] Further information: Shamanism in Siberia (overlaps with Eastern and Northern Europe)

Mythology of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples Scythian mythology Mongolian mythology Finnic mythology

Australia and Oceania[edit]

Australian Aboriginal mythology Kaluli creation myth Melanesian mythology Micronesian mythology Papuan mythology Polynesian mythology

Hawaiian mythology Mangarevan mythology Māori mythology Rapa Nui mythology Samoan mythology Tahitian mythology Tongan mythology Tuvaluan mythology

Europe[edit] Further information: European folklore, Christian mythology, and Folk Catholicism Classical Antiquity[edit]

Greek mythology Roman mythology Etruscan mythology Paleo-Balkans mythology Lusitanian mythology

British Isles[edit]

Celtic mythology

Goidelic (Gaelic) mythology

Irish mythology Manx mythology Scottish mythology

Brythonic mythology

Breton mythology Cornish mythology Welsh mythology

North Caucasus[edit]

Nart saga (Covers Abazin, Abkhaz, Circassian, Ossetian, Karachay-Balkar and Chechen-Ingush mythologies) Ossetian mythology Vainakh mythology
Vainakh mythology
(Covers Chechen and Ingush mythology) Adyghe Habze

South Caucasus/Transcaucasia[edit]

Armenian mythology Georgian mythology

Eastern Europe[edit] Further information: Mythology of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples and Scythian mythology

Hungarian mythology Roma (Gypsy) mythology Slavic mythology Romanian mythology Tatar mythology

Northern Europe[edit] Further information: Scandinavian folklore

Germanic mythology

Germanic paganism Norse mythology Anglo-saxon mythology

Finnic mythology

Estonian mythology Finnish mythology Sami mythology

Slavic mythology Baltic mythology

Latvian mythology Lithuanian mythology Prussian mythology

Southern Europe[edit]

Albanian mythology Catalan mythology Greek mythology Italian mythology Lusitanian mythology Maltese mythology Spanish mythology Turkish mythology

Western Europe[edit] Further information: Continental Germanic mythology

Alpine mythology Basque mythology Frankish mythology French mythology

Americas[edit] Main article: Mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas Mesoamerica[edit]

Aztec mythology Maya mythology Olmec mythology


Haitian mythology

South America[edit]

Brazilian mythology Inca mythology Muisca mythology Guaraní mythology Mapuche mythology

Chilota mythology

African diasporic[edit] Further information: African diasporic religions

Hoodoo Vodou Santería Obeah Kumina Palo Candomblé Umbanda Quimbanda

Mythologies by religion[edit] Further information: Myth and religion

Buddhist mythology Christian mythology Hindu mythology Islamic
mythology Jewish mythology

Syncretic mythologies[edit]

Theosophical mythology

Mythologies by time period[edit] Ancient mythologies by period of first attestation.

Bronze Age

Proto-Indo-European mythology
Proto-Indo-European mythology

Proto-Indo- Iranian mythology (reconstructed)

Mesopotamian mythology
Mesopotamian mythology
(Sumerian, Akkadian) Egyptian mythology Persian mythology Canaanite mythology Hittite mythology Hurrian mythology Rigvedic mythology Chinese mythology

Iron Age

Classical mythology

Greek mythology Roman mythology

Etruscan mythology Celtic mythology Germanic mythology

Norse mythology

Late Antiquity

Slavic mythology Arabian mythology

Fictional mythologies[edit]

William Blake's mythology Lovecraft Mythos

See also[edit]

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