Emad al-Banani


Imad (also Romanization of Arabic, transliterated as Emad, Imed and Aimad ar, عماد) is an Arabic masculine given name and surname and means "support" or "pillar".

Given name

* Imād ad-Dīn Muhammad bin Qasim, Umayyad Caliphate general * Imad Abbas, Palestinian military commander * Imad Baba, American soccer player * Emad Hajjaj, Jordanian political cartoonist * Emad al-Janabi, Iraqi blacksmith * Imad Khalili, Swedish footballer * Imad Kotbi, Moroccan radio presenter * Emad Mohammed, Iraqi footballer * Imad Rahman, Pakistani American fiction writer * Imad Rami, Syrian Nasheed singer * Imad Wasim, Pakistani international cricketer * Imad Feghaly, Lebanese actor and voice actor


* Imed Abdelnabbi (born 1957), Egyptian chess player * Imed Louati (born 1993), Tunisian footballer * Imed Memmich (born 1966), Tunisian scholar and politician * Imed Meniaoui (born 1983), Tunisian footballer * Imed Mhedhebi (born 1976), Tunisian footballer * Imed Ketata, Tunisian footballer * Imed Trabelsi (born 1974), Tunisian businessman and politician * Imed Ben Younes (born 1974), Tunisian former football player and current coach


* Parvis Emad, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at DePaul University

Family origin

The Imad family is named for al-Amadiyyah, near Mosul in northern Iraq and, like the Jumblatt family, is thought to be of Kurdish origin.Origins of the Druze People and Religion, by Philip K. Hitti, 1924 Some unconfirmed sources allege that the roots of Family Imad ancestors are associated with those of Imad ad-Din Imad ad-Din Zengi, Zengi (1087; † 1146), who was in turn the Atabeg of Mosul from 1127 to his death in 1146. Imad as a family name also indicates descent from the originally Druze feudal family Al-Imad in the Chouf region of Mount Lebanon.


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