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The Electronika
60 (Russian: Электроника 60) is a terminal computer made in the Soviet Union
Soviet Union
by Electronika
in Voronezh. It is a clone of an LSI-11 (made by the Digital Equipment Corporation). The Electronika
60 is a rack-mount unit that serves as a part of computing complex also comprising a 15IE-00-013 terminal and I/O devices. The main logic unit is located on the M2 CPU board. M2 CPU Technical Characteristics:

Word length: 16 bit Address space: 32K-words (64KB) RAM size: 4K-words (8KB) Number of instructions: 81 Performance speed: 250,000 operations per second Floating point capacity: 32 bit Number of VLSI chips: 5 Board dimensions: 240 × 280mm

The original implementation of Tetris
was written for the Electronika 60 by Alexey Pajitnov. As the Elektra 60 has no graphics capability, text was used to form the blocks. [1] References[edit]

^ Hoad, Phil (June 2, 2014). "Tetris: how we made the addictive computer game". The Guardian. 

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