''Ein Yaakov'' () is a
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compilation of all the Aggadic material in the
Talmud The Talmud (; he, תַּלְמוּד ''Tálmūḏ'') is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law (''halakha ''Halakha'' (; he, הֲלָכָה, ; also Romanization of Hebrew, transliterated as ''ha ...
together with commentaries. ḤABIB, JACOB (BEN SOLOMON) IBN

Its introduction contains an account of the history of Talmudic censorship and the term
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. It was compiled by Jacob ibn Habib and (after his death) by his son Rabbi
Levi ibn Habib Levi ibn Habib (c. 1480 – c. 1545), also known by the acronym HaRaLBaCh, was Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem from 1525 until his death. Under Manuel I of Portugal, King Manuel of Portugal, and when about seventeen, he was compelled to submit to baptism, ...
. ''Ein Yaakov'' was "especially treasured by laborers and others" who lacked the schooling to learn the more difficult parts of the Talmud. Synagogues commonly hold daily Ein Yaakov classes. Study the Legendary Ein Yaakov
(dojlife.com), Rabbi Yaakov Rich
With its commentaries, it is also a work of serious scholarship. Many prints of Ein Yaakov include commentaries that illuminate the simple meaning of the text and provide additional insight; including the author's own, "Ha-Kotev". The most important commentary is that of , under the title "Ha-Boneh," which has appeared in all editions since 1684. The Vilna edition (1883) contains twenty commentaries, mainly reproducing other works on Midrash and Aggadah, esp. those by Enoch Zundel ben Joseph, Zundel ben Joseph and Maharsha#Works, Maharsha. The more recent ''Ein Ayah'' is a separate four volume work by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, begun in 1883. Older prints of the work often include a Yiddish translation. An American English, English translation in 5 volumes appeared in 1921, prepared by Rabbi Shmuel Tzvi Hirsch Glick of Chicago. It presents the original text on the right column of each page, with the corresponding English version to its left. It does not include any of the commentaries that appear in the classic version, but Rabbi Glick's translation and accompanying footnotes suffice for comprehension. Another English translation, by Avraham Yaakov Finkel, titled ''Ein Yaakov: The Ethical and Inspirational Teachings of the Talmud'', was compiled in one volume. Beginning in 2019, ArtScroll#Mesorah_Publications, Mesorah Publications has begun releasing its translation. A Russian language translation was completed by Rabb
Boruch Gorin
in 2016, Translation of Ein Yaakov complete
and published by Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, LeChaim.


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