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''East West 101'' was a drama series airing on the
SBS SBS may refer to: Banking *SBS Bank, New Zealand Broadcasting *SBS Broadcasting Group, Belgium, formerly many countries *Talpa TV, formerly SBS Broadcasting B.V., Netherlands **SBS6, Dutch television channel **SBS9, Dutch television channel *Spe ...
network. The series was produced and created by Steven Knapman and Kris Wyld, the team behind other drama series such as '' Wildside'' and ''
White Collar Blue ''White Collar Blue'' is an Australian Australians, colloquially referred to as "Aussies", are the citizens, nationality, nationals and individuals associated with the country of Australia. Between 1788 and the Second World War, the va ...
''. It ran from 2007–2011, having three series. ''East West 101'' was set around the Major Crime Squad in metropolitan Sydney. It was based upon the experiences of actual detectives in a crime unit in Greater Western Sydney, Sydney's western suburbs.Knapman Wyld Television
It was filmed on location, in Sydney suburbs such as Auburn, New South Wales, Auburn, Bankstown, Redfern, New South Wales, Redfern, Chinatown, Sydney, Chinatown and Maroubra, New South Wales, Maroubra. The series was made by SBS with the Film Finance Corporation Australia Ltd, Film Finance Corporation of Australia and the New South Wales Film and Television Office. It has been sold to Israel and other countries in the Middle East. The second season finished airing on 24 November 2009, and a third season was announced and filmed in 2010. It began airing on SBS One on 20 April 2011. The DVD of the third season was released on 4 May 2011.


* Don Hany as Detective Zane Malik * Susie Porter as Detective Superintendent Patricia Wright * Aaron Fa'aoso as Detective Sonny Koa * Daniela Farinacci as Detective Helen Callas * Renee Lim as Constable Jung Lim * Matthew Nable as Detective Neil Travis (season 3)

Supporting cast

* Tasneem Roc as Amina Malik * Irini Pappas as Mariam Malik (season 1) * Taffy Hany as Rahman Malik * George Fayed as Amir Malik * Lucy Abroon as Yasmeen Malik * Gyton Grantley as Craig Deakin (season 2) * Costa Ronin as Gregorovich (season 2) * Richard Carter (actor), Richard Carter as Mick Deakin (season 2) * Richard Cawthorne as Sterling (season 3)

Past cast

* Dimitri Giameos as Ali El Babb (Season 1) * William McInnes as Detective Sergeant Ray Crowley (season 1) * Gerald Lepkowski as Agent Richard Skeritt (season 2)


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Season one

The first season centered around two detectives, Zane Malik (Don Hany), a Muslim and Ray Crowley (William McInnes), an Anglo-Australian, who are pitted against each other in a struggle for respect. They try to balance work with their own cultural and religious beliefs, which results in tension between cultures, egos and workmates. Recurring stories throughout the season include Malik's search for the man who shot his father and Crowley's struggle with his son's death. The cast also included Susie Porter as Inspector Patricia Wright, Aaron Fa'aoso as Detective Sonny Koa, Daniela Farinacci as Detective Helen Callas and Renee Lim as Jung Lim. Zane's father, Rahman Malik, is played by Taffy (Toffeek) Hany, the real life father of Don Hany.East West 101
. Knapman Wyld Television Pty Ltd.

Season two

In season two, detective Malik is caught up in the aftermath of a car bomb which has killed two men, and heralded the arrival of NSO Agent Richard Skeritt (Gerald Lepkowski). The attack seemingly has links to a Muslim terrorist threat that they work to uncover. Meanwhile, Patricia Wright navigates her tumultuous relationship with her family, including her unpredictable brother, Craig (Gyton Grantley) and father, Mick (Richard Carter (actor), Richard Carter). Helen Callas, heavily pregnant, Sonny Koa and Jung Lim also return, investigating crimes that cross cultural boundaries in Sydney's multicultural inner west.

Season three

Following a deadly armored bank transport robbery by a highly organized team, Malik's wife Amina and son Amir are involved in a seemingly unrelated car accident. After Amir dies of an undetected aortic dissection, Malik takes the accident investigation personally.


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