Division No. 13, Saskatchewan


Division No. 13 is one of eighteen Census divisions of Canada, census divisions in the Provinces and territories of Canada, province of Saskatchewan, Canada, as defined by Statistics Canada. It is located in the western part of the province, bordering Alberta. The most populous community in this division is Kindersley.


In the 2021 Canadian census, 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Division No. 13 had a population of living in of its total private dwellings, a change of from its 2016 population of . With a land area of , it had a population density of in 2021.

Census subdivisions

The following Census geographic units of Canada#Census subdivisions, census subdivisions (municipalities or municipal equivalents) are located within Saskatchewan's Division No. 13.




*Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Cut Knife *Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Kerrobert *Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Kindersley *Luseland, Saskatchewan, Luseland *Macklin, Saskatchewan, Macklin *Scott, Saskatchewan, Scott *Unity, Saskatchewan, Unity *Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Wilkie


*Brock, Saskatchewan, Brock *Coleville, Saskatchewan, Coleville *Denzil, Saskatchewan, Denzil *Dodsland, Saskatchewan, Dodsland *Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan, Flaxcombe *Landis, Saskatchewan, Landis *Major, Saskatchewan, Major *Marengo, Saskatchewan, Marengo *Marsden, Saskatchewan, Marsden *Neilburg, Saskatchewan, Neilburg *Netherhill, Saskatchewan, Netherhill *Plenty, Saskatchewan, Plenty *Primate, Saskatchewan, Primate *Reward, Saskatchewan, Reward *Ruthilda, Saskatchewan, Ruthilda *Senlac, Saskatchewan, Senlac *Smiley, Saskatchewan, Smiley *Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan, Tramping Lake

Rural municipalities

* RM No. Kindersley No. 290, Saskatchewan, 290 Kindersley * RM No. Milton No. 292, Saskatchewan, 292 Milton * RM No. Winslow No. 319, Saskatchewan, 319 Winslow * RM No. Oakdale No. 320, Saskatchewan, 320 Oakdale * RM No. Prairiedale No. 321, Saskatchewan, 321 Prairiedale * RM No. Antelope Park No. 322, Saskatchewan, 322 Antelope Park * RM No. Grandview No. 349, Saskatchewan, 349 Grandview * RM No. Mariposa No. 350, Saskatchewan, 350 Mariposa * RM No. Progress No. 351, Saskatchewan, 351 Progress * RM No. Heart's Hill No. 352, Saskatchewan, 352 Heart's Hill * RM No. Reford No. 379, Saskatchewan, 379 Reford * RM No. Tramping Lake No. 380, Saskatchewan, 380 Tramping Lake * RM No. Grass Lake No. 381, Saskatchewan, 381 Grass Lake * RM No. Eye Hill No. 382, Saskatchewan, 382 Eye Hill * RM No. Buffalo No. 409, Saskatchewan, 409 Buffalo * RM No. Round Valley No. 410, Saskatchewan, 410 Round Valley * RM No. Senlac No. 411, Saskatchewan, 411 Senlac * RM No. Cut Knife No. 439, Saskatchewan, 439 Cut Knife * RM No. Hillsdale No. 440, Saskatchewan, 440 Hillsdale * RM No. Manitou Lake No. 442, Saskatchewan, 442 Manitou Lake Statistics Canada. 2002 2001 Community Profiles.
Released June 27, 2002. Last modified: 2005-11-30. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 93F0053XIE. Page accessed January 5, 2007

Indian reserves

* Indian Reserve - Little Pine 116 * Indian Reserve - Poundmaker 114

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Division No. 13, Saskatchewan
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