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Digital usually refers to something using digits, particularly binary digits.


1 Technology and computing

1.1 Hardware 1.2 Socioeconomic phenomena 1.3 Other uses in technology and computing

2 Art, entertainment, and media

2.1 Games 2.2 Music 2.3 Visual arts

3 Brands and enterprises 4 Other uses 5 See also

Technology and computing[edit] Hardware[edit]

Digital electronics, electronic circuits which operate using digital signals

Digital camera, which captures and stores digital images

Digital versus film photography

Digital computer, a computer that handles information represented by discrete values

Socioeconomic phenomena[edit]

Digital culture, the anthropological dimension of the digital social changes Digital divide, a form of economic and social inequality in access to or use of information and communication technologies Digital economy, an economy based on computing and telecommunications resources

Other uses in technology and computing[edit]

Digital data, discrete data, usually represented using binary numbers Digital media, media stored as digital data

Digital radio, which uses digital technology to transmit or receive Digital television, television systems which broadcast using digital signals

Digital signal (electronics), signals formed from a discrete set of waveforms, rather than continuous ranges Digital signal (signal processing), sampled analog signals represented as a sequence of digital values

Art, entertainment, and media[edit] Games[edit]

Digital: A Love Story (2010), an indie video game by Christine Love


D.I.G.I.T.A.L., an album by KRS-One "Digital" (Joy Division song) (1978) "Digital", a song by Soulja Boy from The DeAndre Way "Digital", a song by T-Pain from Three Ringz

Visual arts[edit]

Digital painting, a method of creating visual art using computers

Brands and enterprises[edit]

Digital Equipment Corporation or Digital, a computer company Digital Research, a software company

Other uses[edit]

Relating to the fingers

Digital exam, in proctology

Vitalis Takawira or Digital, professional football player

See also[edit]

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