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Sir John Denis Forman, OBE (13 October 1917 – 24 February 2013)[1] was a Scottish executive in the British television industry long associated with the ITV contractor Granada, and with various charitable and governmental bodies in the arts.[2]


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Career[edit] Forman was born in 1917 in Cragielands, near Moffat, in Dumfries
to the Rev Adam Forman, an Episcopalian vicar and country gentleman who later became a Presbyterian minister.[2] The family lived in a house built in the Palladian style and were devout.[2] Forman recounted his childhood in his memoir Son of Adam (1990, filmed as My Life So Far
My Life So Far
in 1999). He was educated at Loretto School, Musselburgh
and Pembroke College, Cambridge. Forman had a distinguished military career during the Second World War and was wounded at Monte Cassino,[3] losing a leg.[2] After the war he joined the British Film Institute
British Film Institute
and was its Director from 1948 to 1955. Later he was Chair of its Board of Governors, from 1971 to 1973. After his main period of work at the BFI, Forman joined the new Granada Television in 1955, an ITV contractor which went on air in the following year, being appointed by Cecil Bernstein (brother of Sidney) who was a BFI governor at the time.[4] He was Chairman from 1974 to 1987, and Deputy Chairman of the Granada Group from 1984 to 1990.[3] He was also Deputy Chairman of the Royal Opera House
Royal Opera House
Covent Garden, from 1983 to 1991.[3] Personal life[edit] Forman married Helen de Mouilpied in 1948 and they had two sons, Charlie and Adam. She died in 1987. He married again in 1990, to Moni, the widow of the journalist James Cameron.[2] He died of a heart attack in a nursing home in London, aged 95.[5] Publications[edit]

Mozart’s Piano Concertos, 1971 Son of Adam (autobiog.), 1990 To Reason Why (autobiog.), 1991 The Good Opera Guide, (ed) 1994 Persona Granada: some memories of Sidney Bernstein and the early days of Independent Television (autobiog.), 1997 The Good Wagner Guide, 2000


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Denis Forman on IMDb WW2 Experience Website detailing Forman's Military Career History of The British Film Institute
British Film Institute
Project Appearance on Desert Island Discs (3 March 1991)

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