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DAWID MORYC APFELBAUM (some sources give Mieczysław or Mordechaj as his second name, and Appelbaum as his surname), nom de guerre "Kowal" (" Blacksmith
") (?-4/28/1943) was allegedly an officer in the Polish Army and a commander of the Jewish Military Union (Żydowski Związek Wojskowy, ŻZW), during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
(See Dawid Wdowiński .) In 1939 Apfelbaum was a Lieutenant
in the Polish Army. During the German invasion of Poland
German invasion of Poland
he fought in the defence of the Polish capital Warsaw

Moshe Arens , the author of numerous works on the Revisionist underground in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
maintains that the "ZZW was led by Pawel Frenkel, a member of the Revisionist Youth Movement, Betar; Leon Rodal, a member of the Revisionist movement, and David Apfelbaum, a former officer in the Polish Army
Polish Army
who was an adherent of Zeev Jabotinsky
Zeev Jabotinsky

After Poland's defeat together with many other Jews in Polish Army
Polish Army
as well as Polish-Jewish political leaders he founded the ŻZW. In structures of the organization, Apfelbaum purportedly was the chief of the department of communication with Korpus Bezpieczeństwa and Armia Krajowa on "Aryan" site of Warsaw. Together with Paweł Frenkiel he was also said to be a leader of the war department in ŻZW. In the meantime, Armia Krajowa
Armia Krajowa
secured his promotion to Captain from the Polish government in exile .

It is stated in many secondary accounts that during the Warsaw
Ghetto Uprising Captain Apfelbaum was commander of a squad who took part in the heavy fighting in defense of the Muranowski Square. He was supposedly killed in the first days of uprising.

After his death he was promoted to the rank of Major
in the Polish Army by the AK command. In 2004, the mayor of Warsaw
Lech Kaczyński had a square named for Apfelbaum in the city's Wola district.


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According to the historians Dariusz Libionka and Laurence Weinbaum, authors of an extensive study of the ŻZW, Apfelbaum was in all likelihood an entirely mythical figure. In an article published in 2007 in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, and the Polish journal Więz they maintain that there is no credible evidence to suggest that there was a person by that name involved in the ZZW in any capacity. They reject the writings of Arens and others (including most notably Paris author Marian Apfelbaum ) who ascribe to Apfelbaum a leadership role in the ŻZW. Libionka and Weinbaum demonstrate that Apfelbaum's name does not appear in any reliable eyewitness testimony and that contrary to claims to the contrary, Dawid Wdowinski did not refer to him in his memoirs. Libionka and Weinbaum examine the provenance of the Apfelbaum story and trace it to the accounts of Henryk Iwanski and his cohorts. In their book, published in 2011, that testimony is deconstructed and relegated to the category of "apocrypha."