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Darry Cowl (born André Darricau; 27 August 1925 – 14 February 2006) was a French actor and musician. He won a César Award
César Award
for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2004 for his role as a concierge in Pas sur la bouche (Not on the lips), which was his last appearance. He was born in Vittel
and came to prominence when he was cast by Sacha Guitry in Assassins et voleurs (1956) (Assassins and Robbers). Following this he turned to acting in cinema roles and soon gained celebrity status with his role as Antoine Péralou in Le Triporteur (1957) (The Tricycle). A game addict, he often acted only for money in films that did not stretch his acting ability. He explained this by noting he did not read the script (or, on occasion, know the title) of the work in which he was to act. He played Major Archibald in the 1974 film Don't Touch the White Woman!. He had hoped to return to theatre acting in Hold Up in September 2005 but ill-health prevented this. At age 80, he died in Neuilly-sur-Seine from complications of lung cancer. Selected filmography[edit]

Bonjour sourire (1956) Courte tête (1956) Maid in Paris (1956) Your Money or Your Life (1966) The Lady Doctor
The Lady Doctor
(1957) Love in Jamaica
Love in Jamaica
(1957) Be Beautiful But Shut Up
Be Beautiful But Shut Up
(1958) Archimède le clochard (1959) Monsieur Robinson Crusoe (1960) Girl on the Road (1962) Les Bricoleurs (1963) The Gorillas (1964) Déclic et des claques
Déclic et des claques
(1965) The Double Bed
The Double Bed
(1965) Trop c'est trop (1975) Arrête ton char... bidasse! (1977) Le bahut va craquer (1981) Le téléphone sonne toujours deux fois!! (1985) Les Saisons du plaisir (1987) Une nuit à l'Assemblée Nationale (1988) Les Misérables (1995) Augustin, King of Kung-Fu
Augustin, King of Kung-Fu
(1999) Drug Scenes (2000) If I Were a Rich Man (2002) Le Cou de la girafe
Le Cou de la girafe
(2004) Les Dalton (2004)

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César Award
César Award
for Best Supporting Actor

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Honorary César


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