Da'an, Jilin


Da'an () is a city of northwestern
Jilin Jilin (; alternately romanized as Kirin or Chilin) is one of the three provinces A province is almost always an administrative division Administrative division, administrative unitArticle 3(1). , country subdivision, administrative ...

province in Northeast China, on the southern bank of the
Songhua River The Songhua Postal Romanization, or Sunghwa River (also Haixi or Xingal, russian: Сунгари ''Sungari'') is one of the primary List of rivers of China, rivers of China, and the longest tributary of the Amur. It flows about from the Changb ...
and the border with
Heilongjiang Heilongjiang, formerly romanized as Heilungkiang, is a province A province is almost always an administrative division within a country or state. The term derives from the ancient Roman '' provincia'', which was the major territorial and a ...

province. It is under the administration of
Baicheng Baicheng () is a prefecture-level city A road sign shows distance to the "Huangshi urban area" () rather than simply " Yangxin County from the neighboring Xianning), but still from the Huangshi main urban area. A prefectural-level municip ...

City, to the west, and lies northwest of
Songyuan Songyuan () is a prefecture-level city Image:Yangxin-renmin-huanyin-ni-0022.jpg, A road sign shows distance to the "Huangshi urban area" () rather than simply "Huangshi" (). This is a useful distinction, because the sign is located ''already'' ...


Administrative divisions

There are five
subdistrictsA subdistrict or sub-district is an administrative division that is generally smaller than a district. Equivalents * Administrative posts of East Timor, formerly Portuguese-language * Kelurahan, in Indonesia * Mukim, a township in Brunei, Indone ...
, 10 towns, 16
townships ''Township'' refers to various kinds of settlements or administrative subdivisions in different countries. While a ''township'' may be associated with an urban area, this tends to be an exception to the rule. In Australia, Canada, Scotland and pa ...
, and one
ethnic township An ethnic group or ethnicity is a grouping of people A people is any plurality of person A person (plural people or persons) is a being that has certain capacities or attributes such as reason, morality, consciousness or self-consciousne ...
.白城市-行政区划网 www.xzqh.org
/ref> Subdistricts: * Anbei Subdistrict (), Jinhua Subdistrict (), Linjiang Subdistrict, Da'an, Linjiang Subdistrict (), Huiyang Subdistrict (), Changhong Subdistrict () Towns: *Yueliangpao (), Anchang (), Fengshou (), Xinping'an (), Liangjiazi (), Sheli, Da'an, Jilin, Sheli (), Dagangzi (), Chagan, Da'an, Jilin, Chagan (), Longzhao () Townships: *Sikeshu Township, Da'an, Jilin, Sikeshu Township (), Lianhe Township (), Taishan Township, Da'an, Jilin, Taishan Township (), Sidawa Township (), Lesheng Township (), Xinhuang Township (), Dalai Township (), Honggangzi Township (), Tongjian Township (), Laifu Township (), Liuhe Township (), Gucheng Township, Da'an, Jilin, Gucheng Township (), Shaoguozhen Township (), Dayushu Township (), Haituo Township (), Jingshan Township (), Xin'aili Mongol Ethnic Township ()


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