Cona Lake


Cona, also Dongaii Cona or Tsonag Lake (), is a major lake of northern Tibet Autonomous Region, China and is It is located in Amdo County, west of the road between Nagqu Town and Amdo Town. The lake is considered holy to the Tibetans especially in the Bon religion, as it is seen as the "soul lake" of the Razheng Living Buddha. The smaller Ganong Lake lies almost adjacent to the southeast. Its area is approximately , and it is at 4,594 metres (15,072 ft) above sea level making it one of the world's higher freshwater lakes. The lake is the source of the Gyalmo Nagqu, the headwater of the Salween River. Tsonag Lake can be observed on the right (west) as the train passes Cuonahu railway station, Tsonag Lake Railway Station on Qingzang Railway, going south toward Lhasa.Tsonag Lake (Hudong Encyclopedia)
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