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1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km2 (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) and river estuaries. 2 Population without double counting: residents of multiple communes (e.g., students and military personnel) only counted once.

(French pronunciation: ​[kɔ̃pjɛɲ]) is a commune in the Oise
department in northern France.[1] It is located on the Oise
River.[1] Its inhabitants are called Compiégnois.


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Administration[edit] Compiègne
is the seat of two cantons:

Compiègne-1 (with 19 communes and part of Compiègne) Compiègne-2 (with 16 communes and part of Compiègne)


665 - Saint Wilfrid
was consecrated Bishop of York. Wilfrid
refused to be consecrated in Northumbria
at the hands of Anglo-Saxon
bishops. Deusdedit, Archbishop of Canterbury, had died, and as there were no other bishops in Britain whom Wilfrid
considered to have been validly consecrated, he travelled to Compiègne, to be consecrated by Agilbert, the Bishop of Paris.

833 - Louis the Pious
Louis the Pious
(also known as King Louis I, the Debonair) was deposed in Compiègne.[1]

February 888 - Odo, Count of Paris
Odo, Count of Paris
and king of the Franks
was crowned in Compiègne.

23 May 1430 - During the Hundred Years' War, Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
was captured by the Burgundians
while attempting to free Compiègne. They then sold her to the English.

1624 - Compiègne
gave its name to the Treaty of Compiègne, a treaty of alliance concluded by Cardinal Richelieu
Cardinal Richelieu
with the Dutch.[1]

1630 - Marie de' Medici's attempts to displace Richelieu ultimately led to her exile to Compiègne, from where she escaped to Brussels
in 1631.

17 July 1794 - The Martyrs of Compiègne
Martyrs of Compiègne
are executed in Paris
during the Reign of Terror.

1900 - The golf events for the 1900 Summer Olympics
1900 Summer Olympics
took place.[2]

11 November 1918 - The Armistice with Germany
(Compiègne), agreed at Le Francport near Compiègne, ends fighting of World War I

22 June 1940 - Another Armistice with France
(Second Compiègne) was signed between Nazi Germany
Nazi Germany
and the defeated France
in Le Francport, near Compiègne, in the same place as in 1918, in the same railroad carriage, but with the seats swapped.

1941 - During the German occupation of France, the Compiègne internment camp was established in Compiègne. A memorial of the camp, and another along the railway tracks, commemorate the tragedy.

1968 - The starting location of the Paris–Roubaix
bicycle race was changed from Paris
to Compiègne.

1972 - Creation of the University of Technology of Compiègne

2004 - The Communauté de Communes de la Région de Compiègne
becomes a partner in a European Union INTERREG IIIb project called SAND (see link below)


1882: 13,393 1990: 41,663 (municipal), 44,703 (total) 1999: 41,076 (municipal), 44,703 (total), 69,903 (agglomeration), urban (108,234)


View of Compiègne


Château de Compiègne
Château de Compiègne
- the castle itself, and museums of the Second French Empire and of motoring and tourism within its walls Musée Antoine Vivenel Museum of historic figurines Memorial of internment and deportation

Forest[edit] Main article: Compiègne
Forest The Glade of the Armistice
Glade of the Armistice
in the Compiègne Forest
Compiègne Forest
was the site of the signing of two armistices; those of 11 November 1918 and 22 June 1940. Hitler specifically chose the location of the second, and had the original signing carriage moved from Paris
to Compiègne, as an irony for the defeated French. The site still houses several memorials to the 1918 armistice, including a copy of the original railway carriage. The original, Marshal Foch's Carriage was taken to Germany
as a trophy of victory following the second armistice. Various rumors about what happened to this railway-carriage thereafter, have flourished ever since. Some believe it was destroyed by the SS in Thuringia
in April 1945; others say this happened in Berlin, but most likely was it destroyed during an allied air-raid on Berlin. The latter version seems most plausible, since Ferdinand Foch's carriage actually was displayed at a Berlin museum.[3][4][5] The University of Technology of Compiègne[edit] Main article: University of Technology of Compiègne Compiègne
is home to the famous University of Technology of Compiègne
(UTC), one of the top ranking engineering school in France, founded as a Technology University in 1972 to provide an alternative to the traditional "grandes écoles" for students interested in technologies and applied science.[6] Transport[edit] The Gare de Compiègne
Gare de Compiègne
railway station offers connections with Paris, Amiens, Cambrai and several regional destinations. The nearest motorway is the A1 Paris-Lille. Cycling[edit] Since 1968 Compiègne
is the traditional start city of the famous Paris–Roubaix
bicycle race. It was also the finish city of 3rd stage in the 2007 Tour de France. Personalities[edit] Compiègne
was the birthplace of:

Roscellinus (~1050 - ~1122), philosopher and theologian, often regarded as the founder of Nominalism Pierre d'Ailly (1350–1420), theologian and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church Albert Robida
Albert Robida
(1848–1926), illustrator, etcher, lithographer, caricaturist, and novelist Eugène Albertini (1880–1941), teacher in Latin literature, historian of ancient Rome, and epigrapher of Latin texts Marcel Tabuteau
Marcel Tabuteau
(1887–1966), Oboist, regarded as the founder of American oboe playing. Suzanne Lenglen
Suzanne Lenglen
(1899–1938), tennis player, international female sport star Lucas Debargue (1990–), pianist and composer who worked in both the classical and jazz fields.

International relations[edit] See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France Twin towns – Sister cities[edit] Compiègne
is twinned with:

Arona, Italy, since 1962 Bury St Edmunds, England, since 1967 Elbląg, Poland, since 2002[7][8] Guimarães, Portugal, since 2006 Huy, Belgium, since 1959

Kiryat Tivon, Israel, since 1988 Landshut, Germany, since 1962 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, since 1989 Shirakawa, Fukushima, Japan, since 1988 Vianden, Luxembourg, since 1964

is also partnered with:

Beauvais, France

See also[edit]

Communes of the Oise
department Dialogues of the Carmelites Martyrs of Compiegne Monument aux morts (Oise) Siege of Compiègne Timeline of deportations of French Jews to death camps


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Joan of Arc
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Places adjacent to Compiègne

Clairoix, Choisy-au-Bac
and Margny-lès-Compiègne

Jaux, Venette


Saint-Jean-aux-Bois and Vieux-Moulin


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Venues of the 1900 Summer Olympics

7th arrondissement of Paris Bois de Boulogne Bois de Vincennes Boulogne-Billancourt Compiègne Croix-Catelan Stadium Le Havre Meulan-en-Yvelines Neuilly-sur-Seine Puteaux Satory Seine Tuileries Garden Vélodrome de Vincennes

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1984 (demonstration): Dodger Stadium 1988 (demonstration): Jamsil Baseball Stadium 1992: Camp Municipal de Beisbol de Viladecans, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Baseball Stadium (final) 1996: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium 2000: Blacktown Olympic Park, Sydney Baseball Stadium (final) 2004: Hellinikon Olympic Baseball Centre 2008: Wukesong Baseball Field 2020: Yokohama Stadium, Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium 2024: Stade Sébastien Charléty 2028: Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium

Basque pelota

1900: Neuilly-sur-Seine 1992 (demonstration): Pavelló de la Vall d'Hebron


1900: Vélodrome de Vincennes


1900: Bois de Boulogne

Jeu de paume

1908: Queen's Club


1904: Francis Field 1908: White City Stadium


1900: Bois de Boulogne 1908: Hurlingham Club 1920: Ostend 1924: Bagatelle, Saint-Cloud 1936: Mayfield


1908: All England
Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club


1904: Francis Field


1996: Golden Park 2000: Blacktown Olympic Park 2004: Hellinikon Olympic Softball Stadium 2008: Fengtai Softball Field 2020: Yokohama Stadium 2024: Stade Sébastien Charléty 2028: Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium

Tug of war

1900: Bois de Boulogne 1904: Francis Field 1908: White City Stadium 1912: Stockholm Olympic Stadium 1920: Olympisch Stadion

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1908: Southampton Water

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