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Claude Barruck Joseph Lelouch (French: [ləluʃ]; born 30 October 1937) is a French film director, writer, cinematographer, actor and producer.


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Life and career[edit] Lelouch was born in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the son of Charlotte (née Abeilard) and Simon Lelouch.[1] His father was born to an Algerian Jewish family and his mother was a convert to Judaism.[2][3] His father gave him a camera to give him a fresh start after his failure in the baccalaureat. He started his career with reportage – one of the first to film daily life in the Soviet Union, the camera hidden under his coat as he made his personal journey. He also filmed sporting events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans
24 Hours of Le Mans
and the Tour de France.[citation needed]. In the family of Albert Chaminade (1912-2009), player of the CSP Limoges
CSP Limoges
basketball leader, national and international referee, resistance fighter in the FFI, politician had his son who was his banker in Paris.[clarification needed] His first full-length film as director, Le Propre de l'homme, was decried by the critics – 'Claude Lelouch, remember this name well, because you will not hear it again' – Cahiers du cinéma said. La femme spectacle (1963), following prostitutes, women shopping, going for nose-jobs, was censored for its misogynist tendency. A Man and a Woman changed his fortunes and was met with favour even by the Cahiers group.[citation needed]

Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
in 1970.

The 1981 musical epic Les Uns et les Autres
Les Uns et les Autres
is widely considered as his masterpiece, and his credits now add up to 50 or so films. His 1976 film, C'était un rendez-vous, purportedly features a Ferrari 275 GTB being driven at extreme speed through the streets of Paris
at dawn. The entire short is shot from the point of view of the car. Legend has it that Lelouch was arrested after it was first shown publicly.[4] In a 2006 interview, Lelouch stated that he drove his own Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9
Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9
in the film and created a soundtrack of the radically different sounding Italian sports car for effect.[5] He has collaborated more than two dozen times with composer Francis Lai. They scored a great hit with the piece 'chabadabada' for the film A Man and a Woman
A Man and a Woman
sung by Nicole Croisille and Pierre Barouh, and more than 300 versions of the song exist.[citation needed] in 2011 he attended with Jean Rochefort, Vincent Perrot
Vincent Perrot
or Charles Gerard at the presentation of the palm of honor to Jean Paul Belmondo at the Cannes Film Festival.[6] Personal life[edit] In 1993 he was the President of the Jury at the 18th Moscow International Film Festival.[7] Honours[edit]

2016 ; Commander in the Order of the Crown.[8]

Awards[edit] Lelouch's A Man and a Woman
A Man and a Woman
won the Palme d'Or
Palme d'Or
at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival,[9] as well as two Oscars including Best Foreign Language Film.[10] His 1967 film, Vivre pour vivre, was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.[11] In 1971, he won the David di Donatello
David di Donatello
for Best Foreign Directing for Le Voyou. Filmography[edit]

Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch

Le Propre de l'homme (1960) L'Amour avec des si (1962) La Femme spectacle (1963) Une fille et des fusils (1964) Les Grands Moments (1965) Pour Un Maillot Jaune (1965) A Man and a Woman
A Man and a Woman
(1966) Vivre pour vivre (1967) La Vie, l'amour, la mort (1968) 13 jours en France
13 jours en France
(1968) Un Homme qui me plaît (1969) Le Voyou (1970) Smic, Smac, Smoc (1971) L'aventure c'est l'aventure
L'aventure c'est l'aventure
(1972) La bonne année (1973) Visions of Eight
Visions of Eight
(1973) Mariage (1974) Toute une vie
Toute une vie
(1974) Le Bon et les méchants (1975) Le Chat et la souris
Le Chat et la souris
(1975) C'était un rendez-vous
C'était un rendez-vous
(1976) Si c'était à refaire (1976) Un autre homme, une autre chance
Un autre homme, une autre chance
(1977) Robert et Robert (1978) À nous deux (1979) Les Uns et les Autres
Les Uns et les Autres
(1981) Édith et Marcel
Édith et Marcel
(1982) Viva la vie (1983) Partir, revenir
Partir, revenir
(1984) Attention bandits!
Attention bandits!
(1986) Un homme et une femme : vingt ans déjà (1986) Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté (1988) Il y a des jours... et des lunes (1989) La Belle Histoire
La Belle Histoire
(1992) Tout ça... pour ça !
Tout ça... pour ça !
(1992) Les Misérables (1995) Lumière et compagnie
Lumière et compagnie
(1995) Hommes, femmes, mode d'emploi
Hommes, femmes, mode d'emploi
(1996) Hasards ou coïncidences
Hasards ou coïncidences
(1997) Une pour toutes (1999) And now... Ladies and Gentlemen
And now... Ladies and Gentlemen
(2001) 11'09"01 September 11
11'09"01 September 11
(2002; segment "France") Les Parisiens (2004) Le Courage d'aimer (2005) Roman de Gare
Roman de Gare
(2007; he also appears as "Hervé Picard", a pseudonym) Ces amours là
Ces amours là
(2010) D'un film à l'autre (2011) Salaud, on t'aime
Salaud, on t'aime
(2014) Un plus une
Un plus une
(2015) Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction (2017)


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Claude Lelouch
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Films directed by Claude Lelouch

Le propre de l'homme In the Affirmative La femme spectacle 24 heures d'amant ...pour un maillot jaune The Grand Moments Une fille et des fusils A Man and a Woman Live for Life 13 jours en France Love Is a Funny Thing Life Love Death Le voyou Smic Smac Smoc L'aventure, c'est l'aventure La bonne année And Now My Love Mariage Cat and Mouse C'était un rendez-vous The Good and the Bad If I Had to Do It All Over Again Another Man, Another Chance Robert et Robert Us Two The Ones and the Others Edith and Marcel Long Live Life Partir, revenir Attention bandits! A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté There Were Days... and Moons The Beautiful Story All That... for This?! Les Misérables Men, Women: A User's Manual Chance or Coincidence One 4 All And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen Les parisiens Le courage d'aimer Crossed Tracks What War May Bring D'un film à l'autre Salaud, on t'aime Un plus une Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction

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Presidents of the César Awards ceremonies

Jean Gabin
Jean Gabin
(1976) Lino Ventura
Lino Ventura
(1977) Jeanne Moreau
Jeanne Moreau
(1978) Charles Vanel
Charles Vanel
(1979) Jean Marais
Jean Marais
(1980) Yves Montand
Yves Montand
(1981) Orson Welles
Orson Welles
(1982) Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve
(1983) Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly
(1984) Simone Signoret
Simone Signoret
(1985) Madeleine Renaud
Madeleine Renaud
and Jean-Louis Barrault
Jean-Louis Barrault
(1986) Sean Connery
Sean Connery
(1987) Miloš Forman
Miloš Forman
(1988) Peter Ustinov
Peter Ustinov
(1989) Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas
(1990) Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
(1991) Michèle Morgan
Michèle Morgan
(1992) Marcello Mastroianni
Marcello Mastroianni
(1993) Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu
(1994) Alain Delon
Alain Delon
(1995) Philippe Noiret
Philippe Noiret
(1996) Annie Girardot
Annie Girardot
(1997) Juliette Binoche
Juliette Binoche
(1998) Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert
(1999) Alain Delon
Alain Delon
(2000) Daniel Auteuil
Daniel Auteuil
(2001) Nathalie Baye
Nathalie Baye
(2002) — (2003) Fanny Ardant
Fanny Ardant
(2004) Isabelle Adjani
Isabelle Adjani
(2005) Carole Bouquet
Carole Bouquet
(2006) Claude Brasseur
Claude Brasseur
(2007) Jean Rochefort
Jean Rochefort
(2008) Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg
(2009) Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard
(2010) Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
(2011) Guillaume Canet
Guillaume Canet
(2012) Jamel Debbouze
Jamel Debbouze
(2013) François Cluzet
François Cluzet
(2014) Dany Boon
Dany Boon
(2015) Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
(2016) – (2017)

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Academy Award
Academy Award
for Best Original Screenplay


Preston Sturges
Preston Sturges
(1940) Herman J. Mankiewicz
Herman J. Mankiewicz
and Orson Welles
Orson Welles
(1941) Michael Kanin
Michael Kanin
and Ring Lardner Jr.
Ring Lardner Jr.
(1942) Norman Krasna (1943) Lamar Trotti (1944) Richard Schweizer (1945) Muriel Box and Sydney Box (1946) Sidney Sheldon (1947) No award (1948) Robert Pirosh (1949) Charles Brackett, D. M. Marshman Jr. and Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder
(1950) Alan Jay Lerner
Alan Jay Lerner
(1951) T. E. B. Clarke (1952) Charles Brackett, Richard L. Breen and Walter Reisch (1953) Budd Schulberg
Budd Schulberg
(1954) Sonya Levien and William Ludwig (1955) Albert Lamorisse
Albert Lamorisse
(1956) George Wells (1957) Nathan E. Douglas and Harold Jacob Smith (1958) Clarence Greene, Maurice Richlin, Russell Rouse and Stanley Shapiro (1959) I. A. L. Diamond and Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder


William Inge
William Inge
(1961) Ennio de Concini, Pietro Germi, and Alfredo Giannetti (1962) James Webb (1963) Peter Stone and Frank Tarloff (1964) Frederic Raphael (1965) Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
and Pierre Uytterhoeven (1966) William Rose (1967) Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks
(1968) William Goldman
William Goldman
(1969) Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Ford Coppola
and Edmund H. North (1970) Paddy Chayefsky
Paddy Chayefsky
(1971) Jeremy Larner (1972) David S. Ward
David S. Ward
(1973) Robert Towne
Robert Towne
(1974) Frank Pierson
Frank Pierson
(1975) Paddy Chayefsky
Paddy Chayefsky
(1976) Woody Allen
Woody Allen
and Marshall Brickman (1977) Robert C. Jones, Waldo Salt, and Nancy Dowd (1978) Steve Tesich
Steve Tesich
(1979) Bo Goldman
Bo Goldman


Colin Welland (1981) John Briley (1982) Horton Foote (1983) Robert Benton (1984) William Kelley, Pamela Wallace and Earl W. Wallace (1985) Woody Allen
Woody Allen
(1986) John Patrick Shanley
John Patrick Shanley
(1987) Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow (1988) Tom Schulman (1989) Bruce Joel Rubin (1990) Callie Khouri
Callie Khouri
(1991) Neil Jordan
Neil Jordan
(1992) Jane Campion
Jane Campion
(1993) Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino
and Roger Avary
Roger Avary
(1994) Christopher McQuarrie
Christopher McQuarrie
(1995) Joel Coen and Ethan Coen (1996) Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck
and Matt Damon
Matt Damon
(1997) Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
Tom Stoppard
(1998) Alan Ball (1999) Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe


Julian Fellowes
Julian Fellowes
(2001) Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar
(2002) Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola
(2003) Pierre Bismuth, Michel Gondry
Michel Gondry
and Charlie Kaufman
Charlie Kaufman
(2004) Paul Haggis
Paul Haggis
and Bobby Moresco (2005) Michael Arndt
Michael Arndt
(2006) Diablo Cody
Diablo Cody
(2007) Dustin Lance Black
Dustin Lance Black
(2008) Mark Boal
Mark Boal
(2009) David Seidler (2010) Woody Allen
Woody Allen
(2011) Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino
(2012) Spike Jonze
Spike Jonze
(2013) Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris Jr., and Armando Bo (2014) Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer (2015) Kenneth Lonergan
Kenneth Lonergan
(2016) Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele

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Academy Award
Academy Award
for Best Foreign Language Film

1947–1955 (Honorary)

1947: Shoeshine – Vittorio De Sica 1948: Monsieur Vincent
Monsieur Vincent
– Maurice Cloche 1949: Bicycle Thieves
Bicycle Thieves
– Vittorio De Sica 1950: The Walls of Malapaga – René Clément 1951: Rashomon
– Akira Kurosawa 1952: Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games
– René Clément 1953: No Award 1954: Gate of Hell – Teinosuke Kinugasa 1955: Samurai, The Legend of Musashi – Hiroshi Inagaki


1956: La Strada
La Strada
– Federico Fellini 1957: Nights of Cabiria
Nights of Cabiria
– Federico Fellini 1958: My Uncle – Jacques Tati 1959: Black Orpheus
Black Orpheus
– Marcel Camus 1960: The Virgin Spring
The Virgin Spring
– Ingmar Bergman 1961: Through a Glass Darkly – Ingmar Bergman 1962: Sundays and Cybele
Sundays and Cybele
– Serge Bourguignon 1963:
– Federico Fellini 1964: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
– Vittorio De Sica 1965: The Shop on Main Street
The Shop on Main Street
Ján Kadár & Elmar Klos 1966: A Man and a Woman
A Man and a Woman
– Claude Lelouch 1967: Closely Watched Trains
Closely Watched Trains
– Jiří Menzel 1968: War and Peace – Sergei Bondarchuk 1969: Z – Costa-Gavras 1970: Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
– Elio Petri 1971: The Garden of the Finzi Continis – Vittorio De Sica 1972: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
– Luis Buñuel 1973: Day for Night – François Truffaut 1974: Amarcord
– Federico Fellini 1975: Dersu Uzala – Akira Kurosawa


1976: Black and White in Color
Black and White in Color
– Jean-Jacques Annaud 1977: Madame Rosa
Madame Rosa
– Moshé Mizrahi 1978: Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
– Bertrand Blier 1979: The Tin Drum – Volker Schlöndorff 1980: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears
Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears
– Vladimir Menshov 1981: Mephisto – István Szabó 1982: Volver a Empezar ('To Begin Again') – José Luis Garci 1983: Fanny and Alexander
Fanny and Alexander
– Ingmar Bergman 1984: Dangerous Moves
Dangerous Moves
– Richard Dembo 1985: The Official Story
The Official Story
– Luis Puenzo 1986: The Assault – Fons Rademakers 1987: Babette's Feast – Gabriel Axel 1988: Pelle the Conqueror
Pelle the Conqueror
– Bille August 1989: Cinema Paradiso – Giuseppe Tornatore 1990: Journey of Hope – Xavier Koller 1991: Mediterraneo – Gabriele Salvatores 1992: Indochine – Régis Wargnier 1993: Belle Époque – Fernando Trueba 1994: Burnt by the Sun
Burnt by the Sun
– Nikita Mikhalkov 1995: Antonia's Line
Antonia's Line
– Marleen Gorris 1996: Kolya
– Jan Svěrák 1997: Character – Mike van Diem 1998: Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful
– Roberto Benigni 1999: All About My Mother
All About My Mother
– Pedro Almodóvar 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
– Ang Lee


2001: No Man's Land – Danis Tanović 2002: Nowhere in Africa – Caroline Link 2003: The Barbarian Invasions
The Barbarian Invasions
– Denys Arcand 2004: The Sea Inside
The Sea Inside
– Alejandro Amenábar 2005: Tsotsi
– Gavin Hood 2006: The Lives of Others
The Lives of Others
– Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck 2007: The Counterfeiters – Stefan Ruzowitzky 2008: Departures – Yōjirō Takita 2009: The Secret in Their Eyes
The Secret in Their Eyes
– Juan J. Campanella 2010: In a Better World
In a Better World
– Susanne Bier 2011: A Separation – Asghar Farhadi 2012: Amour – Michael Haneke 2013: The Great Beauty
The Great Beauty
– Paolo Sorrentino 2014: Ida – Paweł Pawlikowski 2015: Son of Saul
Son of Saul
– László Nemes 2016: The Salesman – Asghar Farhadi 2017: A Fantastic Woman
A Fantastic Woman
– Sebastián Lelio

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